The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2882 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2882)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2882 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2882

You know, the population of Europe is only about half of China’s, but Princess Diana’s influence is very far-reaching, while 

China has almost twice the population of Europe, and the influence of Deana and Zara’s affairs is of course very far-reaching.

In recent years, the Internet has become more and more developed, and people have become increasingly eager for all kinds of fairness and justice.

 Once some cases occur that can arouse ordinary people’s indignation, even if the parties involved are just ordinary people, it will cause an uproar on the Internet.

Both the unscrupulous and vicious nanny, or the murderer’s beauty accomplices, have aroused condemnation and condemnation from the whole people.

What happened to Deana and Zara was not only bad in nature, vain family affection, and annihilated humanity,

 but also involved the grievances between the top giants, and the attention was naturally beyond ordinary.

Therefore, Fitz can almost conclude that once Zara condemns the old man and asks him to surrender at the press conference, there will be countless people’s support and even petitions. 

At that time, even if the old man has layers of firewalls, he can escape by chance. , But such a massive condemnation will definitely make him peel off.

Thinking of this, Fitz hesitated and said: “Zara, would you like to talk to grandpa?”

Zara frowned: “What shall I talk to him?”

Fitz said very solemnly: “Of course it is about compensation! You are going to turn your face with him now, but the elder brother must also remind you that if the trouble is really unacceptable, 

even if you get the old man into prison, you have to. Does not have any substantial benefits.”

“Besides, the old man will definitely make arrangements for the Banks Family before going to jail, but the arrangement will definitely exclude all of our family. By then, he will be in jail, what shall we do?”

“You are the eldest granddaughter of the Banks Family. If you don’t break your face with the Banks Family, 

then you are still the top rich second generation in the country. , As long as you have the aura of the Banks Family, 

you can marry the descendants of the top family in the future, even the European royal family, it is impossible to find any sense of superiority in front of you.”

“However, once you draw a line with the Banks Family, the halo on you will completely disappear.

 What will happen to your life, your marriage, and your happiness in the future?”

“And you have to think about it, but it’s okay to say that you don’t have the Banks Family’s aura,

 but if you turn against the Banks Family, it will be really troublesome. Who dares to marry you in the future? If you marry you, you are the enemy of the Banks Family!

Zara suddenly smiled when he heard this, and said: “Brother, in this world, except for my benefactor, I don’t look down on any man,

 whether he is a descendant of a top family, or whether he is It is not the royal family of Europe, it is worthless in my eyes!”

What Zara said was from her heart.

But it was also what she deliberately wanted to say to Fitz.

Since she confirmed that Fitz has completely turned to the side, she has already started her own plan,

 which has only four words: the plan is to count.

She knew that Fitz would definitely pass on these words to Lord Banks once and for all.

That is her real purpose!

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2882 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2882

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