The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2883-2884-2885-2886 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2883-2884-2885-2886)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2883-2884-2885-2886 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2883-2884-2885-2886


As soon as Fitz heard this, his whole person suddenly became nervous.

He knew that Zara and his mother were rescued by some one this time.

He also knew that this benefactor had a mysterious identity and superior strength.

In the past, the two top masters of the Banks Family were Master Hett and Lord Elms (Wilfred).

Master Hett is infinitely close to breaking through the third meridian.

And Lord Elms (Wilfred) is even more powerful, he is rarely able to break through the third meridian.

But even Lord Elms (Wilfred)’s strength will be equal to Shangren among Japanese ninjas.

But in Japan, Mr. Grace easily killed several ninjas, and one of them was Shangnin!

Calculated in this way, the strength of Grace can beat Lord Elms (Wilfred) at least two to three.

Moreover, it is under the condition that oneself is not damaged.

This kind of strength is simply unheard of in the domestic martial arts field.

Let alone a three-star warrior, even a four-star warrior might not be enough to watch.

What worries Fitz even more is that he doesn’t know what the relationship between Zara and the benefactor is.

Or, is there any substantial progress?

He also realized that Zara had a certain amount of concealment from him about the matter of Benevolence’s saving her. If she and Benevolence really have a relationship with children, then it will be over. If Benevolence helps her, even if he can’t manage it. Defeating Banks’s family can also kill the old man!

Moreover, Zara himself said that in this life he will only marry her benefactor, and no other men will look down upon it. Maybe they really have something!

“This is bad…” Fitz was flustered.

He thought to himself: “I should have thought that the benefactor might have fallen in love with Zara…”

“Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to save Zara once in Kyoto and then go to Aurous Hill to save her again!”

“This is really bad…”

Thinking of this, Fitz asked tentatively: “Zara, do you know the specific identity of your benefactor? Wouldn’t you two be together anymore?”

Zara was silent for a moment, and said seriously: “Brother, I promised that there are some things that Benevolence can not say to the outside world, even you can’t, you have to understand.”

There is no exaggeration in what Zara said.

She did agree to Charlie, not revealing his identity and the specific details of saving her by herself.

However, Zara is smart because she is smart, and she deliberately wants to be vague.

A statement of “something” immediately left the listener with a lot of room for reverie.

Fitz really couldn’t help thinking a lot.

“Zara said something, what is it? Is she really with her grandson?!”

So, he hurriedly said: “Look at you, you still see me like this. If the two of you are really together, then you will be my brother-in-law in the future. Our dad does not know whereabouts now. In case you two get married, we will pay. If you can’t find him, maybe I will have to hand you over to your benefactor at the wedding. What can’t you tell me?”

Zara said very seriously: “Brother, if I were fortunate enough to step into the marriage hall with Him as you said, I won’t hide it from you, but it’s not time yet after all.”

Fitz realized that it was impossible for her sister to tell the specific situation, so she cursed to save the country and sighed: “In fact, in the literary themes since ancient times, heroes are indispensable for saving beauty. This is also very understandable. After all, which woman can Can withstand the shock of life-saving grace.”

Zara followed his words, nodded, and said with a smile: “Yes, you see, since I came back from Japan, I’ve been so desperate to find my benefactor all the time since I came back from Japan. I was almost blinded by the airport surveillance video… …After all, life-saving grace is really too deep for a woman!”

Having said that, she couldn’t help but sigh: “God still favors me. I thought I would never meet my benefactor in my life. Unexpectedly, my benefactor would save me again in Aurous Hill…”

When Fitz heard this, he couldn’t help asking: “By the way, Zara, I have always been curious, is he a Chinese or Japanese Chinese? This time I saved you in Aurous Hill. Is it his original Has he been in Aurous Hill, or has he been watching you quietly?”

Fitz asked this question because he wanted to get more information about him. If that man  was originally from Aurous Hill, it would be able to narrow the scope a lot.

How can Zara fail to hear the true motive in the words of her brother, but she pretended to be a little bit ashamed, and with a completely shy appearance of a girl, she replied shyly: “Oh, brother, I can’t tell you this, or you Guess for yourself?”

Fitz thought: “You suddenly became so shy, you look like a girl in love, do I still have to guess?”

“No wonder… No wonder the benefactor appeared in Kyoto last time, this time in Aurous Hill. It turns out that this time he came to Zara… Isn’t it possible that he has been obsessed with Zara since that time?”

“Yes! The time is right! Zara came to Aurous Hill with her mother first, and it happened after a few days in Aurous Hill. It is estimated that when she first came to Aurous Hill, 

“Otherwise, it would be too late to save Zara in such a short time…”

Thinking of this, Fitz panicked even more.

Originally, both he and his grandfather were worried that this press conference would bring an even more fatal blow to the old man’s personal reputation.

However, it now appears that the “benevolent man” who is hidden in the dark, yet powerful in the sky, is the real danger that needs to be vigilant!

So, Fitz sighed and said, “Hey, if you and your benefactor can be cultivated, I will be my brother, 10,000 will be happy for you. As for the grandfather’s side, I can’t do much better. Advise you, but I still suggest that you think twice. There is still some time before the press conference. Think about it again.”

Zara knows that his brother said so, this is to temporarily terminate the conversation.

It is very likely that he intends to report the situation to the old man as soon as possible.

After all, I just moved my benefactor out and put another smoke bomb, and now my brother must have been bluffed by him, and his cognition has also been taken away by him.

This is actually Zara’s purpose.

She knew that her abilities were limited, not to mention what she had, so she could only move out of the banner of Benevolence to show off her prestige.

Although I was a little bit ashamed in my heart, but fortunately, I was just a fake tiger and didn’t leak any information about Benevolence.

So she said to Fitz: “Brother, don’t mix up this matter, let me take care of it myself.”

Seeing Zara’s attitude, Fitz didn’t try to persuade him any more. He planned to report the important situation that he had just discovered to the old man to see what his attitude was.

Thinking of this, he didn’t say anything to death, but sighed: “Think about it for yourself first. If you have any ideas, you can also talk to me. I won’t go to the venue today and go back to the room to lie down for a while.”

“it is good.”

Zara sent Fitz out of the room. As soon as the door was closed, her expression instantly became very cold. Fitz could no longer suppress the worries in her heart, and hurried back to her room with a worried expression on her face…

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2883-2884-2885-2886 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2883-2884-2885-2886

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