The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2889-2890 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2889-2890)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2889-2890 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2889-2890

Zara was sitting at the desk at this time, staring at the mobile phone placed on the desk.

Seeing the phone rang suddenly and it said “Grandpa” twice, she was relieved.

However, she did not pick up the phone immediately, but only pressed the answer button when the phone rang for the fourth time.

As soon as the phone was connected, Zara asked in a cold voice, “What are you calling me for?”

Lord Banks heard her question and hurriedly explained: “Zara, grandpa called to apologize to you. Regarding the encounter between you and your mother, grandpa does have to take full responsibility, but grandpa wants to tell you Clearly, I never thought of hurting you. What happened to you was just an accident.”

Zara gave a hum, and said silently: “I believe what you said, but the fact that you are going to kill my mother is not an accident, right?”

Lord Banks knew that there was no need to explain or cover up at this time.

Everyone is a smart person, and this kind of well-knowing thing is naturally impossible to clean up.

So, he sighed and said ashamed: “Hey! I admit that I do have a big opinion of your mother, especially this time she went to Aurous Hill to publicly participate in the auction of Bruce’s old house, which made us whole The Banks Family’s face was lost, and I was furious for a while before I made that irrational decision. I hope you can understand my difficulties to a certain extent…”

Zara said neither humble nor arrogant: “Yes. Of course, my mother has something inappropriate in this matter, but I think she is not wrong. After all, it is my dad who betrayed the marriage first!”

“He had cheated before my mother was pregnant with me, and he had an illegitimate daughter. You also know this!”

“In contrast, my mother came to Aurous Hill after she clearly requested a divorce from my dad!”

“What’s more, I don’t think there is a principle problem with what she is doing. Because of such a little thing, you hurt my mother. It’s a bit too much!”

“Yes, you are right!” Lord Banks said sincerely: “After this incident, I regretted and blamed myself, so I also hope that your wife can give me a chance to make up for it.”

Zara said lightly: “I don’t think there is anything to make up for this kind of thing. My mother will never want to see you in her life. I may not want to see you for a long time in the future.”

After speaking, Zara said again: “Although I am your granddaughter, deep down in my heart, I still hope that you can use it to assume responsibility and consequences and surrender to the police.”

Lord Banks was extremely annoyed when he heard this.

However, he did not dare to express anything on his lips, but said helplessly: “Zara, after all, I am the head of the Banks Family. Not only should I lead the Banks Family forward, but also represent the image and status of the Banks Family. I really went to jail, not only was it not good for the Banks Family, it was not good for you either.”

Zara said: “I just want a just result.”

“Justice?” Lord Banks sighed and said, “Zara, let’s do this, you are a smart boy, we don’t have to talk around like that. You can tell me directly, what on earth do you want me to do so that you can forget it?”

Zara said: “I just said, I hope you surrender yourself to the police!”

Lord Banks smiled and sighed: “Zara, if I’m not wrong, you have said so much to Fitz, you should be thinking about this matter, can you negotiate some conditions with me? To be honest, grandpa I don’t blame you for your thoughts. After all, I will make compensation for your mother. So if you have any request, just say it, as long as I can accept it, I will agree to it!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2889 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2889

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2890 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2890


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