The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2897-2898 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2897-2898)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2897-2898 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2897-2898

Xion knows exactly how important a complete internal martial arts is.

So when she heard this, she couldn’t wait to hope that the Elms family could become Charlie’s confidant as soon as possible, and at the same time, she could receive the inner family boxing technique gifted by Charlie as soon as possible!

While Charlie was chatting with Xion, his mobile phone suddenly received a call from Stephen Thompson.

This made Charlie a little curious.

Generally speaking, Stephen Thompson didn’t contact him very often, but whenever he contacted him, it was usually a very important matter.

So, he hurriedly connected the phone and asked, “Stephen Thompson, isn’t it important that you are looking for me?”

Stephen Thompson smiled slightly and said, “Master, I have nothing to do with you, but there is something that may require you to come up with an idea.”

Charlie asked, “What’s the matter?”

Stephen Thompson said, “That’s right, Miss Zara, the conference will be broadcast live on the whole network tonight. She also contacted the short video platform you asked Wade family to buy, and hope we can also participate in this conference. I hope we can provide some recommended resources, so I’d like to ask you to come up with an idea and see if you agree to her.”

Charlie didn’t pay much attention to the news today, so he still doesn’t know that Zara will develop the conference.

Suddenly hearing Stephen Thompson say this, he asked very curiously: “Why is Zara suddenly developing a conference? And also engaged in such a big battle… Has she disclosed in advance what the conference is?”

Stephen Thompson hurriedly explained: “It is said that the content of this press conference is related to their wives’ experience during this period. After all, the people all over the country have paid great attention to the fact that their wives were missing in a car accident. Now that Ping An has returned to the public eye, I should give you an explanation.”

Speaking of this, Stephen Thompson paused slightly and said, “And I think she must have a big move for this press conference. Maybe she wants to take advantage of this opportunity to tell his grandfather in front of the people of the whole country. Lord Banks was in trouble! That’s why I called to ask you, should we get involved in this matter?”

Charlie hesitated for a moment, combined with Zara’s character in his mind, pondered the matter carefully, and said: “Stephen Thompson, you can let our short video platform broadcast it to her.”

Stephen Thompson said: “Master, if she really attacks Lord Banks at the press conference, it will be more or less embarrassing for us. After all, all knows that the short video platform is in the hands of our Wade family. If you come forward to help Zara live, maybe you will be rejected by insiders.”

The upper class has the rules of the upper class.

Generally speaking, the upper class doesn’t like to engage in small actions behind the scenes.

In the past, many wealthy people manipulated the navy by looking for people who had nothing to do with them. Even if the whole world felt that they did it by themselves, there was no direct evidence to prove it.

But the Wade family is different this time. People all over the country know that the short video platform belongs to the Wade family. If the Wade family deliberately disgusts the Banks Family on their platform, it will definitely be a little unglamorous in the eyes of outsiders.

Charlie smiled and said at this time: “From my point of view, Zara shouldn’t attack her grandfather at this press conference, so you can let the short video platform rest assured to broadcast it to her.”

Stephen Thompson asked in surprise, “Master, why are you so sure?”

Charlie smiled and said: “If you have to explain the reason, it will be a long story, but you just believe me.”

Stephen Thompson hurriedly said, “Okay young master, then I will tell you over there.”

“Okay.” Charlie asked with a smile: “Stephen Thompson, is there anything else?”

Stephen Thompson said, “The rest is nothing.”

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