The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2905 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2905)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2905 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2905

Xion had no opinion on Charlie’s arrangement.

She was most afraid that Charlie would also send herself to Isaac Cameron, Don Albert, or her sister.

Since Charlie is willing to continue to keep himself in Shangri-La, of course he is also willing to accept it.

Anyway, as long as you don’t get driven by him to other places and see him often, you will be satisfied.

Charlie said to Xion: “By the way, Xion has never allowed you to contact the outside world, or even let you have access to outside information. It’s really because your identity is too special, and if the news is revealed, it is easy to cause trouble for yourself.”

After speaking, Charlie paused, and then said: “But now it seems that you are no longer as irritable as you were when the accident happened, and you have also met your mother. I believe your current state of mind must be relatively stable. A lot.”

Xion hurriedly said: “Young Master Wade, I’m really different now from before. Great changes have taken place in all aspects, and they are all changes in the right direction.”

Charlie nodded and said with satisfaction: “I believe these because I can see it myself.”

With that, he took out a new mobile phone and handed it to Xion: “I asked Isaac to buy this mobile phone before. It was originally intended to be taken with your sister when she left, but isaac paid it back. I kept her mobile phone from before the accident, so I gave her her own mobile phone. I think I will just keep this mobile phone for you.”

Xion hasn’t used a mobile phone for a long time, and hasn’t even learned about outside consultations through the Internet for a long time, so when she saw this mobile phone, she seemed very excited and excited.

Young people who are accustomed to smart phones and the Internet, let alone leave their phones for a day, as long as they are awake and can’t use their phones for more than two or three hours, I’m afraid they will become anxious.

Naturally, Xion is no exception to this point.

She is almost under house arrest in Shangri-La, and there is no channel to receive information, so deep down in her heart, she has longed for a mobile phone.

But for this kind of thing, she was naturally embarrassed to talk to Charlie, so she could only endure that kind of desire.

Seeing that Charlie actually took the initiative to give herself a new phone, she didn’t know how happy she was.

Charlie was excited when she saw her picking up the phone, and said with a smile: “It has already been activated, and there is a mobile phone card in it. The phone bill can be overdrawn indefinitely. You can use it to talk to me or you. Mom, contact Isaac, other people still try not to.”

“In addition, with this mobile phone, you can also know what is happening outside at any time. If it is really boring, you can also use it to scan the news, follow the drama, etc. It will not be so boring.”

Xion red eyes and said, “Master Wade, thank you so much. During this period of time, I have been using my mobile phone even when I was dreaming, and I have already scratched my heart and liver…”

Charlie nodded, and said: “Before I had a bit of distrust of you, so I didn’t dare to let you directly have a way to communicate with the outside world. You also need to understand this.”

Xion nodded quickly and said, “Don’t worry, Young Master Wade, I understand this very well!”

“That’s good.” Charlie smiled slightly and said: “There is another good news to tell you.”

Xion asked hurriedly: “What good news?”

Charlie explained: “According to your mother, this time there are eleven people from your Elms family, including her. Among these eleven, your mother is the only woman, so I plan to use her as a woman. For reasons of convenience, instead of arranging her to live in that riverside villa, let her live in Shangri-La.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2905 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2905


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