The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2953 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2953)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2953 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2953

At the same time, Mai and Mike were sitting worriedly in the Shangri-La Hotel room.

Mike hasn’t recovered from the shocking experience just now, and his mental state is very bad.

Mai also kept silent, holding a few copper coins in his hand, and tossing them on the table.

The hexagrams presented by the copper coins are no longer what Mai can understand. This makes him a little confused. Opportunities are always present in the hexagrams, but the danger has never been eliminated, even the misty sense of unknown. Even stronger than before.

Before you know it. The old gentleman’s mentality also began to gradually change.

Originally, he felt that he was taking the invitation of Lord banks to come to China to look for opportunities at the same time. Make some money by the way.

It doesn’t matter if the chance and money are not found, just as a trip back to the motherland.

Even if it’s dangerous, it’s probably because I’m older, and my body may be unbearable.

At the same time, it is also easy to trigger some hidden diseases that are common in the elderly.

However, he never expected that this event would have developed into a new year!

This  Felix year. It is too dangerous!

This kind of murder is nothing in his eyes.

Even for him, killing has long been commonplace.

He was suddenly involved in this matter, and it really made Mai feel a strong sense of crisis, so that he began to reassess in his heart, to judge whether this matter is worthy of continuing to invest in it.

He lived to such an old age, and he didn’t care about Lord Banks’s money, but he wanted chance to be twenty years younger all at once.

However, now that the opportunity is complicated and the risk factors are uncertain, he is worried that he has not found the opportunity, so he put his life in Aurous Hill.

After all, he is just a dying feng shui master. It can be said that he has no power to bind the chicken. The great-grandson Mike is the same. The grandson and grandson basically have no ability to protect themselves.

In front of Felix, the two of them couldn’t resist him for a round together. If they really started, I was afraid that they would only feed Gu worms.

Mike on the side has always had lingering fears and couldn’t help but say: “Grandpa, or let’s go back to the United States, today’s  Felix year is really evil, in case he wants to target us. We have no chance of winning at all!”

Mai sighed: “You can go, but if you go, you will definitely offend Lord banks. Should Lord Banks let him kill us at that time, wouldn’t we be self-defeating?”

Mike hurriedly said: “We can tell him clearly, and then return all the money to him, is it always possible to break up peacefully?”

Mai shook his head and said: “Did you not listen to Felix? He is good at killing people, but not good at finding people, so he is still waiting for us to find people out, and then he goes to kill people, and now LORD Banks feels that he let him The person we are looking for. It is related to his granddaughter Zara. Let us find a breakthrough from Zara. If we pick up our son and leave at this time, Felix may not agree. Didn’t you listen to him before leaving? Let me Find someone quickly and don’t delay him getting rich.”

Speaking of this, Mai sighed and said: “We have been framed now. It is not our decision to go or not.”

“F*UCK!” Mike couldn’t help but burst out an English curse, and said angrily: “Then what to do…Can we find people?”

Mai said with emotion: “It’s okay to find someone, but the key is, after finding someone. Will there be other troubles… And if we find that person, and that person is killed by Felix, This is our karma!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2953 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2953


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