The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2954 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2954)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2954 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2954

Mike couldn’t help saying: “Grandpa, now is not the time to take care of others. The most important thing is that we leave Aurous Hill safely. If we two are fed that big white bug by  Felix, then it will be completely finished!”

Mai hesitated for a moment. Nodded lightly, and sighed: “Hey, what you said makes sense. When you are too busy to take care of yourself, you can only find a way to protect yourself…”

After speaking, he said again: “I will try to get in touch with Zara tomorrow and see if we can find a breakthrough from her.”

The next day, a rumor suddenly appeared in Aurous Hill.

It is said that a spiritual incident occurred in the Phoenix Mountain Cemetery in the suburbs. A security guard who guarded the cemetery was killed by an evil spirit last night.

However, this kind of rumors soon got a very targeted control. In addition, it is too spiritual, so only some middle-aged and old people who are superstitious will believe it, and the young people basically sneer when they hear it.

In the morning, Elaine made breakfast at home. When Charlie and Claire came down to eat, she said seriously at the dinner table: “Claire, Charlie, you two must go out as little as possible in these two days. Even if you have to go out for something, you must be there. Come back before dark!”

Claire asked with a surprised look: “Mom, what’s the matter with you?”

Elaine must say seriously: “I tell you, at Phoenix Mountain Cemetery last night, someone was killed by a ghost! Even the brain was emptied! It is said that at the time of death, the seven orifices bleed, and the big bowl on the top of the head was big. Hole, the result is an empty shell inside, nothing!”

When Claire heard this, he said helplessly: “Mom, you are also a college student anyway, do you believe this kind of rumor? There is no such thing as a lie in the world, they are all deceptive.”

Elaine said solemnly: “How can this be a lie? This is a real thing! I was spreading crazy among several elderly groups. There were still pictures, but I don’t know how it was. The system deleted it. Oh, that photo is terrifying, and my back is still wet even now.”

Jacob frowned and said, “It seems that some of my groups are also discussing, but I looked through the chat logs. There is no evidence such as pictures.”

Claire smiled and said: “Even if there are photos, it is not necessarily credible. The current computer synthesis technology is so advanced that any photos can be made. You guys, just put your heart in your stomach and don’t think about it. “

Elaine said sternly, “I’d rather believe it, and if you don’t believe it, you should go home early. Anyway, there is no loss if you go home early. It would be nice to stay with me more at home, isn’t it good?”

Claire said helplessly: “But I have to keep an eye on the project recently, and I will get busier and busier in the future.”

Elaine shook his head helplessly, looked at Charlie, who had not spoken, and said: “My son-in-law, you have the ability. Remember to pick up Claire at night these days, she can go home alone, mother can’t rest assured.”

“Good mom!”

Although Charlie hasn’t spoken, he has already reviewed the content of Elaine and Claire’s conversation in his mind.

What I wanted to say about Elaine was not groundless, and it should be inseparable from that Felix.

It’s just that ordinary people don’t know things like Gu worms, and the incident was in the cemetery, so it is natural to speculate that evil spirits killed people.

It seemed that this  Felix year was truly cruel, and it was indeed a heinous sin to kill others just to feed his so-called Gu worms!

If I don’t get moved and wait for him to come, I don’t know how many people will die at his hands during this period!

Thinking of this, he immediately sent a message to Isaac Cameron: “Check me whether there is a record of the entry of a British Chinese named Felix, and then check the Aurous Hill hotel system to see if there is his check-in information!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2954 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2954


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