The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 2987-2988 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2987-2988)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2987-2988 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2987-2988

Seeing Mai suddenly turn his face, Felix was furious.

He pointed to Mai, gritted his teeth and cursed: “I knew you were so insidious, the last time I was at Phoenix Mountain Cemetery, I should have killed you and your great-grandson!”

Mai said coldly: “Felix, you have killed countless people in your life, even if you don’t let go of even the lowest level of ordinary people, now you are ashamed to say that the old man is sinister! I think you really don’t repent!”

Having said that, he turned to look at Charlie, arched his hand, and said respectfully: “Master Wade, this person is a lot of evil on weekdays, and he has long been guilty of death. You might as well kill him directly today, that is for the people! “

Felix was terrified, and seeing Charlie’s cruel expression, he was really scared in his heart.

He has been practicing Gu art all his life, and relying on this extremely fierce natal Gu worm, he doesn’t know how many arena masters have been killed.

In the past, even those top masters, even with superior strength, could not resist in front of their own natal Gu worms.

But, like Charlie, it was the first time that he could knock the natal Gu worm to the ground with a slap.

This shows that Charlie’s strength is absolutely unfathomable.

Moreover, Felix’s biggest attack method was the natal Gu worm. Once the natal Gu worm lost his attack power, he would be like a poisonous snake with his teeth pulled out, let alone Charlie’s opponent.

So, he looked at Charlie and pleaded bitterly: “Master Wade, please forgive me for being blind. If I know that you have such a great ability, even if you give me 10,000 courage, I will not dare to go against you!”

Charlie sneered: “At this time, it’s boring to admit counseling. What about your fierce energy just now? Didn’t you mean that I didn’t know that others were fearless? Didn’t you want me to experience the feeling of being eaten up in my brain? Persuaded?”

Felix wanted to die.

“Let the horse go? Felix’s horse was let go, and now you have stepped on it. If you work harder, Felix’s natal Gu worm will be crushed to death by you!”

However, where did he dare to talk back to Charlie, he could only raise his hand, slam his face, and choked up at the same time: “I have no eyes, I don’t know good or bad! Master Wade, you have a lot, please spare me this time. , I will return to the UK immediately, and I will never return to China in this life!”

Charlie shook his head and said with a sneer: “hill is not for you to come and leave. I don’t care how you hurt people and do evil overseas, but if you kill innocent people in Aurous Hill, I will never forgive you!”

Felix blurted out: “Master Wade, I only killed one person in Aurous Hill. That person was just a security guard here at Phoenix Mountain. It is of no importance. For the sake of I can know how to return, please forgive me once, in the future. If Young Master Wade needs it one day, I am willing to do everything for Young Master Wade!”

Charlie asked him with a cold expression: “Are the security guards no longer humans? Isn’t the life of a security guard dead? It’s always right to kill and pay for your life, no matter who you kill!”

Felix saw that Charlie’s expression was extremely firm, and he knew that today’s things are afraid of things, and it is impossible to be kind.

He quickly analyzed the situation in his heart: “At the moment, this guy with the surname Wade is determined to want my life. With such painful pleading, it is definitely impossible to change his side. It seems that he can only do his best and use the last Give it a go!”

Thinking of this, Felix’s expression suddenly became a bit sullen. He looked at Charlie and said coldly: “You and I are not ordinary people. If you really want to count, we are also daoists, and naturally we can’t compare with those ordinary people. , As the saying goes, stay a thread in everything, so that you can meet each other in the future. If you want me to die, then I am not a bully in Felix!

Charlie stepped on his life Gu worm with the tip of his toes, and said with disdain in his mouth: “If you have anything to do with it, just use it.”

Felix gritted his teeth and said coldly: “You asked for this!”

Having said that, he immediately took out a black wooden stick the size of oral liquid from his pocket, threw the stick to Charlie suddenly, and shouted: “You ignorant child, look at my thundering order. !”

Charlie was really taken aback by his words.

“Thunder-thunder order?! Could this Felix  also have thunder-thunder order?!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2987 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2987

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2988 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2988

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 2987-2988 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 2987-2988


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