The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3053-3054 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3053-3054)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3053-3054 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3053-3054

Charlie said that there must be a chance in the future, which made Ito Yuihiko excited.

Although he knows that although modern medicine is already very advanced, it is impossible to achieve rebirth from a severed limb.

Moreover, modern technology is still unable to break through 100% of cell recovery at all. This is why the wound will grow scars and cannot grow back to the way it was before the injury.

A lightly cut is made on the wrist, and the healing scar will linger for a lifetime. How can the amputated legs grow back?

Not to mention that the legs grow out, just after the amputation of the legs, the two big scars at the base of the thighs cannot be made to be consistent with the skin of other parts of the body.

After taking off the prosthesis every night, Ito looked at the two huge crimson scars at the base of his thigh, and he felt extremely disgusted and nauseous.

But he knows very well that this is already the ceiling of modern medicine. Even if he searches for famous doctors all over the world, he cannot make his condition better.

Therefore, if anyone dared to say in front of him that he could regenerate a severed limb, he would be scolded.

However, only Charlie was different.

These words came out of Charlie’s mouth, even if Charlie only said that there is a chance in the future, Ito Yuihiko also feels that this thing will definitely come true!

So, how could he not be excited.

At this moment he looked at Charlie, his eyes were full of tears, and he tremblingly said: “Mr. Wade, if you really have a way to make Xia recover as before, I would like to be a cow and a horse for you throughout your life, and you will be the only one to look forward to!”

Charlie smiled slightly: “I will naturally do my best. After all, the 4.5 billion US dollars is not for nothing, but Mr. Ito just don’t blame me.”

After listening to it, Ito laughed loudly and said: “I was still resenting Mr. Wade because of the 4.5 billion U.S. dollars, but now it seems that the money is really worth it!”

Frankly speaking, Ito Yuhiko has always been worried about the 4.5 billion US dollars.

I had a deep resentment before, and when Charlie came back to save him, and his daughter made it clear that he fell in love with this guy, Ito Yuhiko’s mentality really eased a lot.

But this is the same as when he accepts the amputation of his legs. Although he did his best to accept it, whenever he thinks about it, it is the same as seeing the scar on the leg amputation.

Now when he heard that Charlie might be able to restore himself as before, he was completely relieved of the 4.5 billion US dollars.

Tanaka on the side also had a strong yearning deep in his heart.

However, he felt a little inferior in his heart, and he always felt that such a good thing, if it was true, I was afraid that it would not be his turn.

On the contrary, Ito Yuihiko kept thinking about his heartfelt subordinate, and asked Charlie: “Mr. wade, if you really have a solution in the future, can you give Tanaka a chance? If you need money, I will come out!”

When Tanaka heard this, tears burst into his eyes, his hands clinging to the corners of his clothes, his nose already began to violently violently move involuntarily.

Charlie glanced at Tanaka and said with a smile: “Don’t worry, you two, if the time is right, I will let both of you stand up again.”

Yuhiko Ito breathed a sigh of relief immediately, while Koichi Tanaka, who could no longer control his emotions, cried silently, covering his face.

At this moment, the door was pushed open, and Nanako Ito, dressed in casual clothes, swiped the card and walked in.

She came to the living room and was about to call your father, but suddenly saw Charlie sitting on the sofa in the living room at this time, and suddenly blurted out in surprise: “Charlie! Why are you here?”

Seeing Ito Nanako walk in, Charlie said with a smile, “I’ll see Mr. Ito, and let Mr. Ito do me a favor by the way.”

Nanako Ito asked hurriedly, “How is the matter with Charlie resolved? Do you need my help?”

Charlie smiled and said: “It has been resolved, and I am recounting the old with Mr. Ito.”

Ito Yuihiko hurriedly waved to his daughter, and said excitedly: “Nanako, Mr. Wade just told me that in the future he might have the opportunity to restore my legs to the same level as before!”

“Really?!” Ito Nanako’s eyes widened, she looked at Charlie in shock and excitement, and blurted out, “Charlie, do you really have a way to restore Father to the original?”

Charlie smiled and said: “There must be a chance, but the timing is not yet ripe.”

When Nanako Ito heard this, she said happily: “That’s great! Since Charlie said there is a chance, then there must be a chance!”

Ito Yuihiko was in a good mood, so he hurriedly said to Charlie: “Mr. wade, let’s have lunch together later, I’ll be the host, let’s have a good drink!”

Charlie felt that there was no other arrangement at noon, so he nodded and smiled: “If this is the case, then it is better to be respectful than fate.”

Nanako Ito was even more happy, and hurriedly said, “Then I will call the food and beverage department and book a box.”

As he was talking, there was a rush of clapping at the door.

Ito Nanako’s aunt Ito Emi couldn’t help frowning and said, “There is a doorbell, so why do you want to shoot the door? It’s really rude.”

As she said, she stood up, bowed slightly and said,  Mr. wade, you sit first, I’ll take a look.”

Emi Ito walked to the door, and there was a loud noise at the door. Charlie heard someone shouting unceremoniously: “Our young master is willing to pay double the price to compensate you. Don’t be ignorant!”

Emi Ito exclaimed: “You are so unreasonable! If you don’t leave, I will call the police!”

The other party immediately yelled: “Don’t be ignorant of praise. Our young master is very well-known in China. If you really want to call the police, you will not be able to eat!”

When Nanako Ito heard this, she couldn’t help standing up and walking over.

Seeing that she had gone, Charlie hurriedly followed.

At this time, Emi Ito was standing inside the gate, and outside the gate stood four or five young people. These four or five people were stylishly dressed, there were males and females. The one who was talking was a young man in his twenties who stayed. With medium-length hair and a shoulder-length duck tail on the back of his head, he is covered with various trendy accessories, which looks quite exaggerated.

Charlie dared to walk to the door before Ito Nanako and asked the young people: “What do you want to do?”

Hearing Charlie’s fluent Mandarin, the young man snorted and said disdainfully: “You should be the translator for this Japanese girl? It’s too hard to communicate with this Japanese girl.”

After finishing speaking, he pointed to Charlie and said: “Our young master has come to Aurous Hill to live for a few days. We want to rent this presidential suite. If you know each other, we can compensate you twice at the rack rate. I saw this. The suite is one hundred and eighty thousand a day. If you give us the house for four days, you can earn nearly 600,000 yuan. Why not?”

Charlie sneered: “I don’t care where you came from, hurry up and get away before I get angry!”

“Grass!” The other party scolded immediately: “Damn, what is an interpreter doing here? I tell you, our young master will be in Aurous Hill soon. If you don’t vacate the room quickly and delay our young master’s move in. , Don’t blame us for being polite!”

Charlie frowned and asked, “Who is your young master?”

The other party said with an arrogant expression: “Our young master is the eldest young master of the Zhong Group, and is now the most famous new-generation top-tier male singer in the country! This time our young master came to a small place like Aurous Hill mainly as a special guest. , Came to Aurous Hill to participate in Miss Stefanie’s first concert tour this year!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3053 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3053

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The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3053-3054 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3053-3054


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