The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3055 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3055)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3055 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3055

“Zhong Group?”

When Charlie heard these four words, he couldn’t help but sneered: “I have heard of the Wade Family, the Banks Family, and the Sun family, but I really haven’t heard of the Zhong Group.”

The other party suddenly yelled: “Even the Zhong Group has never heard of it. I think your mind is for dogs! Zhong Group is the largest building materials group in the country, with assets of hundreds of billions! And our young master Himanshu is in China. The popularity does not squeeze Stefanie Sun at all. He is now the hottest male singer in China!”

Charlie nodded, and deliberately said in a complimentary tone: “Awesome! So, your young master is the male version of Stefanie Sun?”

The other party raised an eyebrow and blurted out: “Of course! Miss sun is a top-class female singer, and our young master is a top-level male singer. Miss Sun’s family is strong, and our young master’s family power is not too much, who doesn’t know. Are they two golden boys and girls in the entertainment industry?”

Charlie said regretfully: “I’m so sorry, I don’t know about it, why is it a golden girl? Himanshu, I haven’t even heard the name.”

The other party said contemptuously: “Boy, what to pretend? How could you have never heard of Himanshu? Do you live abroad all year round?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I live in Aurous Hill all the year round, but I really haven’t heard of Himanshu. I have heard about Yi Zhongtian of the Three Kingdoms.”

The other party was stomped on the tail, and he blurted out: “Grass! I think you are looking for the difference deliberately!”

Charlie was about to speak, and Isaac Cameron ran over quickly. Seeing this guy choked with Charlie, he suddenly rebuked, “What are you doing? Who made you come here?”

The boy turned around, saw Isaac Cameron, frowned and asked, “Who are you?”

“I’m the general manager here!” Isaac Cameron said coldly: “Who made you come here to make trouble?”

The man immediately said: “Introduce myself, I am the manager of Himanshu, the young master of the Zhong family, and my name is Richmond. I am not here to make trouble. I am here to talk to them about the transfer of the room. Since you are the manager here , Then you can tell them quickly, our young master Himanshu is coming to Aurous Hill soon. He named him to live in the presidential suite of your hotel. We are willing to give them double the room rate as compensation, but they did not expect them It turned out not to be praise.”

As soon as Isaac Cameron heard that this guy was so rude, he knew that he must have dashed into his young master, and immediately called the security guard to beat these people out.

However, at this moment, Charlie first asked, “isaac, what is the origin of Himanshu?”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “MR. Wade, Himanshu is the only son of the owner of the Zhong Group. I don’t know which pheasant university he studied in music for a few years. A few hundred million yuan, I haven’t made him popular for four or five years in a row. It was only after going to South Korea two years ago and undergoing cosmetic surgery that he became popular.”

When Richmond heard Isaac Cameron’s words, he burst into anger and blurted out: “You don’t talk about talking about it! Our young master has never had a plastic surgery! The last media that spread rumors about our young master’s plastic surgery has been sued by us! You are this! The manager of this hotel, if you say this kind of irresponsibility again, we will even sue your hotel!”

Isaac Cameron curled his lips and sneered: “What did your young master look like before? You didn’t know how to count it? The generous face used to be black and ugly, but now not only does his face look white like the scratch on the wall. Plastic surgery, is it because the whole face is full of vitiligo?”

“Also, as for his sharp chin now, he is afraid that he can puncture his own throat when he lowers his head. If it wasn’t for plastic surgery, could it be done by someone using a grinding wheel?”

Richmond said angrily: “You…you…you are responsible for what you just said! Waiting to receive the lawyer’s letter! I will definitely go to court with your hotel!”

Isaac Cameron snorted coldly, “I want to even sue the hotel? Do you know the name of this hotel?”

“I f*cking care about your surname.” Richmond curled his lips and said disdainfully: “Isn’t it just a five-star hotel? Our young master also has more than a dozen in his house! And they are all first-tier cities, so I don’t even bother to come here. Kind of second-tier city development!”

Isaac Cameron laughed angrily by him, and said: “Go, give your young master a call and say that Isaac Cameron personally said that he had a plastic surgery. If he is not convinced, I will be here waiting for him to sue me. Take a look. What did your young master say.”

Richmond said angrily: “You f*cking bluff me? Wait, I’ll call our young master!”

Having said that, he immediately took out his cell phone and walked to the side to make a call.

Charlie looked at his back, frowning and asked: “He looks like this bird. It seems that Himanshu is not a good bird. How can you invite such a person to be a guest at the concert?”

Isaac Cameron laughed and said, “MR. Wade, you don’t know anything about this. The founder of the Zhong Group is Himanshu’s grandfather. When Rishab was very young, he followed his parents to Nanyang. They are the first batch of overseas Chinese who have returned to China for development.”

“When he returned to China that year, the country was still in the stage of waiting for prosperity. At that time, he cultivated the old man of the Sun family, and had a good understanding of the old man of the Sun family.”

“Later, Rishab also provided a lot of help in the development of the Sun family, but after Rishab’s death, Rishab’s Father took over, and the Zhong Group went downhill and was caught up by many domestic families.”

Speaking of this, Isaac Cameron smiled and said: “However, the Sun family has always given the Zhong family face. This Himanshu has always wanted to pursue Miss sun. It seems that it is also because of this that he entered the entertainment industry and became a singer, because of both families. Therefore, Miss sun has always taken care of him in terms of resources. She often takes him to some shows. It is reasonable to invite him as a guest at the concert.”

Charlie nodded suddenly with an enlightenment.

Originally, he didn’t plan to save face for Himanshu’s subordinates, but when he heard about this relationship, he whispered to Isaac Cameron, “Since we have such a deep relationship with the Sun family, we can just drive them out later. Don’t do it, lest you turn around and make the nanny look unsightly.”

Isaac Cameron nodded very seriously and said, “Don’t worry, MR. Wade, I know.”

On the other side, Richmond made a call to his young master Himanshu.

On the other side of the phone, Himanshu asked, “Have you done what I asked you to do?”

Richmond hurriedly said: “Master, I am communicating with the current residents here, but they seem to be toasting and not eating fine wine! I have already doubled the price for them, but they still don’t want to vacate the room! “

Himanshu said angrily: “If you don’t double it, give it triple! Anyway, before Miss sun goes to Aurous Hill, you must take this room down to me!”

Richmond quickly complained: “Master, don’t you know that the attitude of the people over there is too bad, not only does not give any room for negotiation, but also satirizes you without shame, and one of them keeps saying About your plastic surgery, you also said that your chin can pierce your throat when you lower your head. Listen, it’s what the hell is saying!”

“Damn it!” When Himanshu heard that he had a plastic surgery, he suddenly seemed to be trampled on his tail, and roared extremely angry: “Who the hell is such a cheap mouth, dare you to say that I have a plastic surgery?! I think he is tired and crooked. Now! See if I don’t sue him for bankruptcy. I don’t know how many mines in his house can afford him? You will turn on the speaker for me, and I will ask him personally!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3055 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3055


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