The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3184-3185 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3184-3185)

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3184-3185 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3184-3185

Jacob did not dare to say anything, and reached out to help Elaine up, and accompanied her into the elevator.

Seeing the two of them entering the elevator, Claire couldn’t help asking Charlie: “Husband, do you think my parents can still recover as before?”

Charlie chuckled twice: “Who is right about this kind of thing.”

Claire asked in a low voice, “What’s the situation between Dad and that Aunt Matilda? The last time Dad cried out in the car so much, I was too embarrassed to ask him about these things…”

Charlie smiled slightly and said: “I haven’t been aware of this matter recently, but I feel that I will see the result soon.

Claire asked nervously, “Husband, what do you mean by saying that you will see the resolution soon?”

Charlie thought of Hank, and said calmly: “I can’t say this right now, but if there is any result, I will tell you as soon as possible.”

Claire nodded helplessly: “Well then…”

As he spoke, he couldn’t help sighing, and said, “To be honest, since the last time my dad told me about the affairs between him and mom and the auntie , I did sympathize with him, but after all my mom gave birth to me. I, if the two of them really want to divorce because of that Aunt , I’m afraid Mom will be too pitiful for one person in the future…”

Charlie smiled, shook Claire’s hand, and said seriously: “Take a thousand steps and say, even if parents are really divorced, won’t Mom still have us? The matter between them, let them go by themselves. Let’s deal with it, we as children only need to support their own decisions.”

Having said this, Charlie comforted: “You see that many young people don’t want their parents to interfere in their private lives, let alone their parents. So we don’t have to worry too much.”

Claire nodded lightly, as if he was relieved a lot at this moment, so he took Charlie’s arm and said: “Okay, then it’s up to you, let them make their own decisions, let’s go back. Rest in the room.”

Early the next morning.

Charlie and Claire had breakfast, just like yesterday, drove her to the old house in the old city.

I heard from Claire that Deana put a lot of effort into repairing this house, and many small details were even striving for perfection regardless of cost.

In the car, Claire sighed to Charlie: “That is the customer you met yesterday, Aunt Deana, I originally made him a plan of more than two million yuan, but it was actually used to repair her old house. It’s very enough, but she kept adjusting the plan yesterday and directly increased the budget to 10 million…”

After speaking, she said again: “I found that the wealthy people do things without considering the cost. The actual sale price of this house is estimated to not exceed one million, and the government does not allow flipping and major changes to the exterior. As a result, she actually I have to spend so much money to repair the interior. Ten million will almost be able to buy the alley. I really can’t understand…”

Charlie smiled slightly and said, “Perhaps this old house has some special meaning to others, so it is reasonable for people to want to spend money to repair it better.”

“Yes.” Claire said: “Auntie Deana said she wanted to stay here for the elderly, but I heard her accent seemed to be from Eastcliff, and I don’t know why she chose to come to Aurous Hill for the elderly.”

After that, Claire said again: “By the way, Aunt Deana’s daughter is said to live here with her, and her daughter’s accent is from Eastcliff’s side.”

Charlie nodded and said with a smile: “In fact, living in Aurous Hill is much better than living in Eastcliff. In places like Eastcliff, summer is hotter than the south, winter is particularly cold, and spring and autumn are particularly short. The winter will begin immediately, and the warmer will only begin in March and April of the next year. The most important thing is that the weather is particularly dry, with strong winds all day long, and there were sandstorms in the previous years. These two years have been better, but the various environments are still better than those in the south. It’s a lot worse. Look at how good our Aurous Hill is. The air is humid and the four seasons are distinct.”

Claire couldn’t help laughing: “Look at what you said, as if you are familiar with Eastcliff, have you lived in Eastcliff?”

Charlie said with a smile: “I went to Eastcliff some time ago to help a client see Feng Shui. The client complained to me. In fact, the people who go to the north, the more they yearn for the south. You can see that the northeast is cold all year round, and the people there are the most. What I like is the South China Sea.”

Claire nodded and said, “You are also saying that the weather conditions in Aurous Hill are indeed much better than those in the south.”

After that, Claire said again: “By the way, Aunt Deana seems to have a good impression of you. She has been asking me about your situation. After hearing that you will show people the feng shui, she said that she would like to ask you to come over. She also took a look. If you have time, you can show Aunt Deana to see. She is very nice.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3184 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3184

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3185 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3185

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3184-3185 | The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3184-3185


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