The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3450 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3450 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3450 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3450 )

Although the always strong Abbas was extremely angry, he knew at this moment that he could not leave China before Qingming Festival. 

Otherwise, if something delayed his revenge plan, how could he be worthy of his parents who had died tragically for many years?

Therefore, he can only continue to pin his hopes on Chen.

However, he also knew that Chen might not be able to reduce the casualties and at the same time completely solve the opponent.

and so. In order not to let him go the wrong way, Abbas gave his own solution: “Since Hunter (Hamid), the bastard, built his base into an iron bucket. Then we will completely surround him and let him Isolated and helpless, let him sit still!”

Siege is actually a very cruel tactic.

As long as the besieging party has enough troops to block everything, and at the same time has a steady flow of food and ammunition as a supply, it can consume the other party indefinitely.

Abbas gritted his teeth and said: “I f*cking don’t believe how much strategic reserves this Hunter (Hamid) can have. In my opinion, he is three to five months long, and one or two months short. I am afraid that he will be exhausted. The food is in a desperate situation!”

Speaking of this, Abbas said in a cold voice, “From now on, Hunter (Hamid) and his tribe will either starve to death, die of thirst, or come out and be beaten to death. In short, I will not allow it. Any one of them, walked out of their base alive, do you understand?”

Chen immediately said loudly: “I understand the Lord! Don’t worry, I will not let a fly out of Hunter (Hamid)’s base alive!”

“Okay!” Abbas sternly said: “This is your chance to take your sins and make meritorious deeds. If this thing is still not done well, then military law will deal with it!”

Chen choked and said: “Hall of the Lord, don’t worry, even if u die, you will have to complete your mission! Make your face for Wanlong Palace!”

Abbas said: “Remember what you said!”

Talk about it. He directly hung up the phone.

In his opinion, it doesn’t matter if Chen can’t kill the other party. As long as the Qingming Festival is over, he will go to Syria personally to solve the Hunter (Hamid) himself.

With his super strength, even if Hunter (Hamid)’s defense is strong, he has absolute certainty that he will be the first among the ten thousand troops.

After Chen obeyed, he immediately followed suit.

But he didn’t go to block Hunter (Hamid) right away. Instead, he waited for the rest of the Wanlong Temple to come to help, and then gave Hunter (Hamid) a surprise attack, and then he would be surrounded by him and caught him by surprise.

Soon, the two defeats of the Wanlong Palace spread throughout the mercenary world.

This moment caused the reputation of Wanlong Palace to be disgraced, and the image of invincibility that had always been erected collapsed instantly.

For a time, the whole world of mercenaries was watching the jokes of the Wanlong Temple, and even many Western countries put this incident on the news, and made great mockery of the Wanlong Temple overtly and secretly.

With the famous Waterloo of the Wanlong Temple, Hunter (Hamid)’s deeds also spread throughout Syria. Even quickly spread throughout the Middle East.

Who would have thought that Hunter (Hamid) would be able to win two big victories in a row when the opposition forces retreated one after another! In the eyes of others, it was as if the gods descended to the earth.

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