The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3451 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3451 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3451 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3451 )

Therefore, as soon as the dawn of Syria began, a large number of skirmishers came to seek refuge.

Immediately afterwards. There are also a few small-armed leaders, bringing their own troops and forming a system of refuge.

Most of the people in this group have been worried that they will be wiped out soon, so after seeing Hunter (Hamid)’s powerful strength, they have come to seek refuge and exchange for a chance to save their lives.

Therefore, only half a day later, Hunter (Hamid)’s base has incorporated more than five thousand people.

Two days later, the number of people in Hunter (Hamid)’s base has exceeded 8,000, and the total number has exceeded 10,000. The entire base is suddenly overcrowded.

Hunter (Hamid) resolutely implemented Charlie’s instructions. Whether it is a small team of one person or a large team of one person, as long as you come to rely on him, the team must be broken up. And handed over to the leadership of his men.

Moreover, except for some old comrades who know everything, the rest. Almost all were temporarily disarmed by his soldiers.

There were five thousand soldiers who were disarmed.

And these five thousand people were all incorporated into the temporary engineering unit, and they continued to drive along with the construction workers.

Automated equipment was not enough, and the group of people simply smashed them with hammers and transported gravel out of the country with human wheelbarrows.

The main reason for allowing so many people to dig together is that there are too many people, and a large number of reverse slope tunnels have to be built quickly to ensure that this group of people have a safe residence.

The thought of digging defensive tunnels for themselves, this group of people really worked harder than anyone else, even if they were disarmed, they didn’t care at all, just thinking about digging more tunnels as soon as possible. Let yourself have a place to stay.

The 8,000 people who came to take refuge in almost all had weapons and equipment, but their own rations were not too much, and they could last for three to five days on average. Fortunately, Hunter (Hamid) himself had sufficient strategic reserves. There is enough food for two to three thousand people for two to three years. Even if it is 10,000 people, it is okay to eat for more than a year.

Moreover, he has also purchased a large amount of food from vendors in neighboring countries, which is being transported by land from the north around the clock.

Charlie was relieved to hear that he had so many people.

But just as Hunter (Hamid)’s tribe expanded several times and was fully engaged in infrastructure construction, fifty million Dragon Palace soldiers detoured back to northern Syria, 50 kilometers north of Hunter (Hamid)’s base, cutting off the land route between Hunter (Hamid) and the north. traffic.

Hundreds of trucks transporting food to Hunter (Hamid), only less than 30 trucks were sent in, and the rest were stopped.

Immediately afterwards, Chen led 50 million Dragon Palace soldiers and cut off Hunter (Hamid)’s land traffic from the south. Then, another 5,000 Wanlong Palace soldiers seized several highlands around Hunter (Hamid) Base, and then began construction. The fortifications were set up, and it seemed that Hunter (Hamid) was to be surrounded tightly.

It was too late when Hunter (Hamid) received the news.

The soldiers of the Wanlong Palace have completed their formation. If he rashly breaks through the encirclement, he will inevitably encounter a powerful attack.

When he reported the incident to Charlie, Charlie said indifferently: “You don’t need to worry about this matter for the time being. Their mercenary salary costs are very high. Ten thousand or twenty thousand people are besieging you in Syria. It may cost tens of millions of dollars. It really takes a year. I believe they can’t stand it at all. What’s more, if they can’t take it down in a year, they will be even more faceless, and continuing to spend there is not enough to be embarrassing. , I will definitely retreat at that time.”

Charlie said, “Anyway, your current strategic reserves are enough for you to support you for a year, so you don’t have to worry about how they surround you. There are two most important things for you now. One is to continue to build your foundation. Build and strengthen your mountain fortifications. The other is to have the spirit of twelve points. They must not be given a chance to initiate beheading operations!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3451 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3451 )


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