The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3452 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3452 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3452 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3452 )

What Hunter (Hamid) was worried about was that once his base was besieged by the opponent, it would be difficult for him to send Zayne out.

And he knew very well that Zayne was very important to Charlie, and Charlie would have to take him back to China in a few days. Although Hunter (Hamid) didn’t know what Charlie was going to do to take him back to China, Hunter (Hamid) I can feel that Charlie attaches great importance to this matter.

Hearing Hunter (Hamid)’s worry, Charlie said: “You don’t need to worry about this matter for the time being. They have already surrounded you and blocked you. It’s not realistic that you want to send Zayne out. It’s better to take you out first. Do a good job of defense. If there is really no good chance at that time, then I will find a way to go there in person and bring Zayne back.”

Charlie had two goals for the ancestor worship of Wade Family 

First. Naturally, on this very important day of the Wade Family, Haosheng worships his parents;

The second is to let Zayne kneel at his parents’ graves and confess to his parents about the formation of the Anti-Wade Alliance.

Therefore, on the day of Qingming Ming Dynasty, Zayne must appear in Yeling Mountain.

When Hunter (Hamid) heard this, he hurriedly said: “My brother. My place is very dangerous now. Don’t take the risk of this surname Banks, or else I will turn around and organize a death squad to find him one night in the dark. send out!”

“No.” Charlie replied firmly: “Although I have enemies with this person, this person cannot die yet.”

Charlie had promised to stay in Zayne a dog life, and promised Zara, after she became the Banks Family Patriarch, he would return Zayne.

Therefore, he definitely can’t let Zayne die in Syria. In that case, he would be breaking his promise.

So he said to Hunter (Hamid): “You don’t need to worry about Zayne for the time being. Now go all out and defend your base. If the enemy has not retreated by the end of March, then I will go there myself. trip.”

When Hunter (Hamid) heard this, he had no choice but to agree and said: “What is the situation here, I will report to you as soon as possible!”

In the next few days, Syria temporarily returned to calm.

The soldiers of the Wanlong Palace no longer fought with the government forces, but assembled all their forces to prepare to kill Hunter (Hamid), and the government forces lost their powerful assistance and could only temporarily slow down the pace of the offensive.

At the same time. Charlie is already undercurrent.

These days, the other two kings of the Wanlong Palace, as well as nearly a hundred generals, have successively traveled from all over the world to Charlie to join the Wanpo Army.

They are the mainstay of the entire Wanlong Temple, and they are also the candidates for the Wan Po Army to take to attack Yeling Mountain this time.

This time, Abbas not only wants to flatten the Wade Family and avenge his parents, but also wants to return to the stage of Eastcliff on behalf of his parents, on behalf of the Wanlong Palace, and on behalf of the Wanjia in the posture of Tianlong coming into the world.

He still remembers the situation of his parents in Eastcliff. For various reasons, the vast majority of people did not treat his parents very optimistically, and more or less despised his parents, even after his father passed away. He continued to ridicule and attack him, saying that he was a trash, saying that he could not do well with Zayne’s dog, etc. This has always been a pain in Abbas’s heart.

Therefore, this time, after stepping down the Wade Family, he will become the god in the eyes of all Eastcliff families! He wanted Eastcliff, all big and small families with heads and faces, to bow down before him.

Only in this way can he double the lost face for his dead father.

The Wade Family, who was also in Eastcliff, didn’t know anything about Abbas and the movements of Wanlong Palace.

All of Lord Wade’s recent thoughts have been focused on the upcoming ancestor worship ceremony.

This ancestor worship ceremony is also of great significance to Lord Wade.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3452 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3452 )


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