The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3453 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3453 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3453 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3453 )

This time, it’s not just an ancestor worship ceremony once every twelve years. It was also the first ancestor worship ceremony  tomb was moved to Yeling Mountain. More importantly, his eldest grandson Jon, the son of Charlie’s uncle Corran, will soon be with a young Northern European royal family after the Qing Ming Dynasty. The princess is engaged.

The intermarriage with the Nordic royal family was planned by the Wade Family long ago.

In any big family, the eldest son, the eldest grandson. Both are the most important facades.

Therefore, Lord Wade wanted to find a good daughter-in-law for his eldest grandson.

But looking at the country, there are only two girls who can truly match Jon.

One is the only granddaughter of the Banks Family, Zara.

Another one is Stefanie Sun, the only daughter of the Sun family.

The daughters of those other families are more than one grade lower than Jon.

However, Jon had no chance to deal with Zara’s arrogant woman.

As for Stefanie Sun, it is even more impossible. Who doesn’t know, Stefanie Sun has been waiting to marry Charlie.

and. A few days ago, Stefanie Sun made such a big noise at the concert, he used his toes to think and knew that it was for Charlie, so he had no chance to get Stefanie Sun off.

But Jon was two years older than Charlie, and he was about thirty. If he does not get married at the age of 30, it is indeed a bit unreasonable, so his top priority now is to get married as soon as possible.

Look around. The most suitable grandson-in-law candidate Lord Wade could find was the princess of the Nordic royal family.

First of all, in the current background of the world, there are very few royal families left, so the royal family is very rare in the upper class. Marrying such a granddaughter-in-law naturally has no face to say.

Secondly, although the royal families of many constitutional monarchy countries have long lost real power, their status is still superior and highly respected.

And because their ancestors were royal families in the past, and they had real power in those years, the assets of the royal family are also very impressive, and their connections and resources are also very wide.

If you can marry the princesses of the Nordic royal family, for the Wade Family, you will not only have face, but also your inner strength. It can even bring them even greater breakthroughs in overseas markets.

In itself, behind the marriage is the integration and exchange of resources and capital.

The Nordic royal family wanted to use the Wade Family’s financial resources to seek a bigger cake, and the Wade Family also wanted to use the Nordic royal family’s connections and influence to open up the entire European market.

Therefore, the marriage of the two families will inevitably bring many benefits to both parties.

Moreover, this Nordic princess, regardless of age, appearance, temperament, and education. They are all the best among European royal princesses. It is said that she was the crown prince when she was young and the first heir to the future throne. However, for some unknown reasons, she was replaced by her cousin and became the first. Second in line heir.

With the successive adulthood of her and her cousin, her cousin was formally established as the crown prince, which is tantamount to announcing that she had no relationship with the throne, so she was pushed out by the family and married the Wade Family.

Jon is also very satisfied with this future wife. After all, few people in China have done such an awesome thing as marrying a Nordic princess.

Therefore, he has long been looking forward to getting engaged as soon as possible, and then choosing a happy day to make the princess win the door.

The Nordic royal family also gave a lot of face. Knowing that the Wade Family was about to hold an ancestor worship ceremony, they planned to make an exception for the princess to come to Eastcliff a few days in advance, and first participate in the Wade Family’s ancestor worship ceremony as a future daughter-in-law.

After the ancestor worship ceremony, other members of the royal family will fly to Eastcliff to participate in the engagement banquet for the two. At that time, the marriage of the two will be officially announced.

For Lord Wade, as long as the news of the marriage news is announced, the reputation of the Wade Family will surely rise to a higher level!

But how could he know that at this moment, a net of heaven and earth was slowly unfolding towards Wade Family!

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3453 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3453 )


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