The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3456 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3456 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3456 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3456 )

In the eyes of Lord Wade, this time he was full of expectations for Jon and his marriage, but in the final analysis, what he valued most was Charlie.

The royal family does have money, and it does have status and face, but whether it is property or status, it can only be regarded as upper-middle.

So, on the whole, the royal family is a panacea, and it is very good in all aspects. But there is nothing particularly top-notch and outstanding.

Compared to the overall strength, the ten Nordic royal princesses may not be comparable to Stefanie Sun.

After all, European royals are not as large as the Middle East. But there are at least a few children in the family, but Stefanie Sun is a proper only child, how can the royal princess compare?

Stephen Thompson has followed Lord Wade for many years, and of course he knows Lord Wade’s plan, but for so many years, Lord Wade has no knowledge of Charlie, he does not know Charlie’s character and acting style, but Stephen Thompson does.

For so many years. Charlie almost grew up under Stephen Thompson’s eyelids.

Although Stephen Thompson had never interfered with Charlie’s growth, nor had he deliberately made any arrangements for Charlie’s education, he was very clear about Charlie’s situation.

With his understanding of Charlie, he knew very well that Lord Wade’s plan for Charlie was difficult to achieve.

However, he was also a little worried in his heart, and he couldn’t help but wonder: “If Master Charlie has not been able to make the master do what he wants, will the master turn his face with Master Charlie, and will the Emgrand Group be taken back from Master Charlie?”

“If the Wade Family takes away the Emgrand Group, and Master Charlie is unwilling to marry Stefanie Sun, then the assets of the Sun family will pass him by. What should he do then?”

Thinking of this, Stephen Thompson became more worried.

So he looked at Lord Wade and asked tentatively: “Master, you have worked so hard to find Master Charlie, do you want him to marry that little girl from the Sun family?”

“Of course not.” Lord Wade waved his hand, and said with some emotion: “Charlie, after all, is my grandson and the blood of my Wade Family! As the head of the Wade Family, I must let him return to the Wade Family so that I can I’m worthy of bruce and Wade’s ancestors. As for whether he will marry the girl of the Wade family, in the final analysis, it is only about his own future. As my grandfather, everything starts from the hope that he can be better.”

Talking. Lord Wade sighed lightly and said seriously: “I hope he can understand my good intentions.”

When Stephen Thompson heard this, his heart suddenly became a little nervous.

He could see that what Lord Wade said just now was actually acting.

But he was nervous that Lord Wade actually acted in front of him.

What is the purpose of this performance?

Naturally, I hope I can be deceived by him, and then convey what he said just now to Charlie.

Therefore, Stephen Thompson immediately understood that Lord Wade had doubts about himself.

At least, in his heart, he must already think that his position is more biased towards Charlie. Instead of him.

Therefore, Stephen Thompson could only bite the bullet and sighed: “Master, what you said is, I believe Master Charlie will understand you.”

Lord Wade nodded in satisfaction, then waved to him and said, “Okay, you can withdraw, I’ll rest for a while.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3456 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3456 )


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