The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3458 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3458 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3458 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3458 )

No one outside the world knew about Abbas’s return to Eastcliff except for Lord Banks.

However, long before Abbas returned to Eastcliff, he had sent dozens of informants from Wanlong Temple to lurking in Eastcliff. These informants penetrated into all walks of life in Eastcliff, and were very irritating to all major families Know well.

When the schedule of the Northern European royal princess was finalized, the news spread quickly in Eastcliff.

Many big families are envious of the Wade Family’s upcoming marriage with the Nordic royal family, thinking that the Wade Family has seized a good opportunity to enter Europe.

The white tiger king Salmaan under the command of Abbas hurriedly came to him and said respectfully: “Hall Lord, just received the news that the Wade Family has reached an alliance with the Nordic royal family. Their eldest son, Jon join the Nordic family. The eldest princesses of the royal family are married. Two days later, the eldest princess will arrive in Eastcliff. It is said that this princess will also participate in the ancestor worship ceremony of the Wade Family!”

“Nordic princess?” Abbas curled his lips in disdain, and said: “If I remember correctly, this princess seems to have been secretly deprived of the right to inherit the throne?”

Salmaan nodded, and said: “We know all the information about the royal families in Europe. This Nordic princess, originally according to the royal inheritance law, should indeed be the first in line, but I don’t know. She was abandoned by the royal family very early for what reason.”

Abbas laughed and said: “An abandoned crown prince is simply a troubled Phoenix. This kind of goods is placed in Europe, and no big family can look at it. I didn’t expect that it would be a treasure if it was sent to China.”

Salmaan said by the side: “The Wade Family seems to want to use this princess to open up some channels in Europe.”

Abbas said disdainfully: “With me, the assets and business of the Wade Family will only become smaller and worse, and they will never find a chance to enter Europe!”

Having said that, Abbas said coldly: “salmaan, you immediately arrange for someone to purchase a batch of the cheapest and inferior coffins. I will give the Wade Family a big gift at that time!”

“Yes, the Lord! I will do it now!”

“Wait.” Abbas stopped him and said, “You tell Chen, before April 1, if there is no progress on the Syrian side, let him come to China immediately, and he must be there on April 2. Jingdang reported to me!”

Killing Yeling Mountain on Ching Ming Festival is the most important thing for Abbas at the moment, not one of them.

At that time, he will be indispensable for the four war kings under his command.

Therefore, he asked Chen to arrive in Eastcliff on April 2.

Although the matter in Syria is important, it is nothing in the face of this matter.

Salmaan said without hesitation: “Hall Master, don’t worry, I will contact the Blue Eyed Wolf King later and relay your order to him!”

The all-round blockade of Hamid by the Wanlong Temple has lasted for several days.

During this period, the Wanlong Temple did not send troops to invade, government troops did not organize new shelling, and Hamid did not send troops to test the reality. The two sides were completely stuck in a stalemate where the well water did not violate the river water.

Hamid’s work these days is very busy. While commanding an engineering team of thousands of people to step up construction, he also organizes direct officers to participate in officer training. According to Charlie’s explanation, he actively trains middle-level officers to strengthen the entire team. control.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3458 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3458 )


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