The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3461 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3461 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3461 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3461 )

Charlie asked in surprise, “Does Lord Banks  have any connection with Wanlong Temple?”

“I don’t know about this.” Zara banks said: “I’ve never heard him talk about Wanlong Temple before, but on the phone just now, his attitude towards Wanlong Temple seemed a bit excited and emotional. “

“Strange.” Charlie frowned: “The Wanlong Palace has been developing in war-torn areas, and the country has always been in the country. There is really no chance for ordinary people to hear their names. How does Lord Banks know so much? Even the cooperation between Wanlong Palace and Syria Know the content?”

Zara banks said: “Perhaps he has some better channels.”

Charlie nodded, on the surface he didn’t continue to struggle with this issue, but in his heart he felt that Lord Banks and Wanlong Temple must have some kind of connection, so he also reminded himself in his heart that he must be careful.

Later, Charlie said to Zara banks: “As far as I know, your dad is relatively safe at the moment. Even if Wanlongdian wants to capture Hunter (Hamid), he must be prepared for at least half a year and sacrifice tens of thousands. People’s preparations, not to mention that they are just surrounding Hunter (Hamid) and not fighting, so you don’t have to worry too much for the time being.”

Zara banks pleadingly said, “Charlie, please let my dad come back. Although he has done a lot of wrong things, he is not guilty of death after all. Even if you bring him back to Aurous Hill, he can still be under house arrest in Shangri-La. …”

Charlie refused without hesitation: “Impossible. In my eyes, Zayne does not mean that he is not guilty of death. Just because he organized the Anti-Leaf Alliance back then, I can kill him for granted. The reason Keeping him alive is also  you and Xion, your sisters’ face.”

Zara banks said with a red eye: “My dad did a lot of wrong things, and he has to pay for his faults, but the Syrian place is too dangerous. The news says that there are many deaths and injuries in a battle there. Thousands of people, I’m afraid that he will have encountered an accident before I become the Banks Family Patriarch…”

Charlie looked at Zara banks and said with a serious expression: “Everyone must take risks and pay the price for what they have done. I sent your dad to Syria. It is my punishment for him. If he is accepting this In the process of punishment, if he encounters uncontrollable natural and man-made disasters, it can only be said that his own life is not good.”

Zara banks wanted to continue fighting with Charlie, but she hesitated for a while or gave up. She looked at Charlie and asked, you said that Qingming would let my father go to your parents’ grave to apologize and let him then. Signed a divorce agreement with my mother, but now that Hunter (Hamid)’s base is heavily surrounded by the Wanlongdian, and the people in the Wanlongdian can’t wait to kill them all. In this case, can my father still come out? ?”

“Come out.” Charlie said lightly: “If the Wanlong Temple does not stop encircling Hunter (Hamid), then I will personally go to Syria and bring him back.”

Zara banks heard this, her beautiful eyes lit up instantly, as if she had seen hope.

She was about to say something, Charlie said again at this time: “But I will send him back after the matter is over.”

“You…” Zara banks couldn’t help complaining: “Benevolence, since you have decided to go to Syria to bring him back, why do you risk sending him back? Are you not afraid of danger yourself?”

Charlie said with a grim expression: “There is danger everywhere, but I will not change my principles just because I am worried about danger!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3461 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3461 )


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