The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3463 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3463 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3463 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3463 )

Nanako Ito blinked her eyes mischievously, and said with a grin: “Famous teachers make great apprentices. Follow Sister Jasmine every day to learn your skills. I must make progress!”

Charlie smiled and said: “You should not tout each other. If the press conference is not serious, outsiders will definitely think Yisu Shipping is particularly unreliable.”

Nanako Ito smiled and said: “Charlie-kun, with ziva hank, an exceptionally capable CEO, people outside will never doubt the strength of Ys Shipping. After contacting her over the past few days, I admire her and I really want to She dug up the Ito Group to help me!”

Charlie casually said: “Then you can go back and discuss with your dad to integrate the Ito family’s shipping business. We will work together to make Ys Shipping the world’s top shipping group. It may be possible in the future. Listed in the United States.”

When Nanako Ito heard this, her eyes suddenly brightened, and she blurted out: “This is a good idea! Instead of just pretending to be a shareholder, it’s better to participate in the real sense. When I go back, I will communicate with my father. I believe he will not have opinion!”

Zara banks also said very seriously at this time: “I also feel that  plan is very feasible. If the three joint ventures are established, charlie will hold 34% of the shares, and ito and I will each hold 33%. By integrating resources together and working together, I believe it will be able to become bigger and stronger!”

Ziva Hank said with some excitement: “If this kind of trilateral merger is really realized, then we will be invincible in the entire Asia, and this merger will benefit all three of us without harm, not only can unite strength and unity. Externally, it can also avoid internal friction caused by competition with each other!”

Speaking of this, Ziva Hank said again: “The two domestic taxi-hailing software used to compete desperately to burn money every day. They both killed a thousand enemies and lost one thousand. The two sides struggled not by ability, but on blood volume. Whoever has more blood volume? , Whoever can live to the end.”

“However, this kind of business model, the one that survives to the end, even if the Victory Month is a tragic victory, I am afraid that it will be dying by then, and it is easy for others to take advantage of it, so they chose to merge.”

“After the merger of the two sides, not only does it not need to fight hard, but it can even integrate resources and form a near-monopoly dominance. All of the other competitors in the industry are squeezed to the brink of death, and at the same time, they can use their absolute Dominance and constantly increasing prices, so in recent years their prices have become more and more expensive, and their services have become worse and worse. This is the reason!”

As soon as Ziva Hank’s words fell, Zara banks immediately said: “If we work together to form an absolute dominant position, it will definitely affect shipping prices to a certain extent!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Let Nanako go back and talk to Mr. Ito about the feasibility of this matter. If Mr. Ito is interested, you will decide on the specific details then I will not participate.

Nanako Ito hurriedly said: “My father has not left China, he himself is in Shangri-La, but because of physical reasons, he does not want to appear in the public view, so he did not come down to participate in the press conference, and wait for the press conference to end. After that, I went to him for the first time and asked him what he meant.”

Charlie nodded: “It’s better this way. Maybe you can make an appointment for a meal together at noon, and you can talk about it while eating.”

Nanako Ito asked expectantly: “Charlie-kun, do you want to be together at noon?”

Charlie smiled and said, “I have something to do at noon.”

Ziva Hank couldn’t help but vomit: “You’re too thorough with the shopkeeper, right? You don’t need to participate in some small things, so don’t you also participate in such big things?”

Charlie stretched out his hand and said seriously: “I don’t have your expertise in this area, so I won’t join in the fun.”

While talking, Isaac Cameron came over and said: “Everyone, the press conference is still five minutes away. The media and guests have already arrived.”

Zara banks said to the other three women: “Then let’s go first.”

Charlie said to them: “You go first, I’ll tell something.”

Nanako Ito hurriedly said: “Charlie-kun, don’t hide in the lounge all the time, remember to come and watch the press conference later!”

“Okay!” Charlie agreed, and after watching the four of them leave, he immediately said to Isaac Cameron: “Isaac , tell my grandfather that I am going to Syria tomorrow morning and let him transfer the Concorde to Aurous Hill tonight. !”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3463 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3463 )


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