The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3464 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3464 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3464 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3464 )

When he sent Zayne to Syria, Charlie didn’t know that Hunter (Hamid) would be involved in such a big event.

A small armed leader with only two to three thousand people was surrounded by more than ten thousand elite soldiers in the Wanlong Temple. This should be unprecedented in Syria.

Charlie also didn’t expect that he would sneak into Syria for the second time not long after.

The last time he infiltrated Syria was to bring Ziva Hank back, but this time, he was replaced by Zayne.

When Isaac Cameron heard that Charlie was going to Syria again, he suddenly said nervously: “Master, the situation in Syria is not stable recently. Why are you going there now?”

Charlie shrugged his shoulders and sighed lightly: “I want to pick up Zayne before the Ching Ming Festival, so as not to delay his Ching Ming Festival, go to Yeling Mountain to apologize to my parents.”

Isaac Cameron blurted out: “Master, I heard that Hunter (Hamid) has offended the Wanlong Temple now, and the entire base is surrounded. Even if you can enter by yourself, it will not be easy to come out with the old dog Zayne!”

Charlie asked curiously: “Isaac, are you also paying attention to the situation in Syria?”

Isaac Cameron nodded and said, “I have been more interested in that Hunter (Hamid) since I visited you last time, so I paid more attention.”

After speaking, Isaac Cameron said again: “Moreover, I have been in the Wade family for so many years, mainly doing the work of collecting intelligence, so there are some news channels at home and abroad.

Charlie nodded and asked him: “Then I ask you, how much do you know about that Wanlong Palace?”

Isaac Cameron explained: “The Wanlong Palace was really well-known overseas last year. They started out in South America. There are many drug lords over there and the perennial turmoil is very suitable for the development of private armed forces, guerrillas, and mercenaries. After becoming bigger, he left South America and began to march into Africa and the Middle East. They are there wherever there is war. The scale has grown in recent years.”

Charlie asked curiously: “Do you know who the actual controller of Wanlong Palace is?”

“This is not clear.” Isaac Cameron said: “This guy has always been quite mysterious, and there is no personal information circulating. The only thing that can be confirmed is that the founder of Wanlongdian is a yellow race, said to be of Chinese descent.”

Charlie nodded and said, “Well, it is most likely to be of Chinese descent, otherwise I wouldn’t have such a name.”

Isaac Cameron said again: “Master, Wanlong Temple is said to be a master, if you run into this group of people, you must be careful.”

Charlie said calmly: “Actually, I’m still very interested in this Wanlong Palace. A mercenary armed with tens of thousands of people, in some places outside the law, the strength really should not be underestimated. It happened to be this time to take this opportunity to touch it. Touch the bottom of this Wanlong Temple to see what level of their elite is.”

As he said, Charlie squinted his eyes slightly and said playfully: “I feel that Wanlong Temple may have some connection with Lord Banks, but I am not quite sure about it now. Lord Banks definitely wants to find me the most now, so I just happen to have it. I want to explore the reality of the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace first.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, “Then I will go with you!”

Charlie waved his hand: “You don’t have to go with me. Syria is in a special situation now. You are not even able to enter Lebanon by helicopter like last time. When I get in, I have to figure out how to get out. A person is the safest.”

Isaac Cameron sighed and said: “It’s the Zayne that is too difficult to handle. You must have no problem getting in and out by yourself, but if you take him out, I’m really afraid that he will hold you back.”

Charlie smiled and said jokingly: “What should I do then? I promised Zara to keep him a dog. I can’t go and bring him back in the ashes, right?”

Isaac Cameron gritted his teeth and said seriously: “If it doesn’t work, give it to Hunter (Hamid) or Wanlong Hall.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3464 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3464 )


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