The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3465 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3465 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3465 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3465 )

Charlie waved his hand: “The big man believes what he said. Since I said to save him, I will never kill him.”

After that, Charlie said again: “Okay, you don’t have to worry too much, I have a way to take Zayne away safely.”

“Okay!” Isaac Cameron exhorted: “Then young master, you must be careful about everything!”

Charlie nodded and said, “By the way, at 8 or 9 o’clock in the evening, when you come to my house, you will ask me to go out to a friend to see Feng Shui in the field tomorrow morning. Then I will ask you where you are and just say It’s going to Rongcheng. As for the reward, you can say that you will give it three million.”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said: “Good young master, I see.”

Lord wade heard that Charlie was going to Syria again, his first thought was to discourage Charlie from going as much as possible.

After all, the situation in Syria is unstable, and the Wade Family Ancestor Ceremony is about to begin, Loed wade doesn’t want Charlie to take risks again at this time.

However, after thinking about it, he felt that it would be difficult for him to persuade Charlie.

Rather than dissuade him himself, he still insisted on going, so it might as well be a bit more straightforward, and he could get some good feelings for him.

So, without saying a word, he immediately prepared the crew to take advantage of the night to take off to Aurous Hill, and he could directly carry Charlie to Lebanon early in the morning.

But Charlie returned home and had dinner with his wife and father-in-law. After dinner, when the family was watching TV in the living room, the doorbell suddenly rang.

Claire got up and went to the hall. Seeing that Isaac Cameron turned out to be on the video call screen, he said to Charlie with a little surprise: “My husband, it seems to be President Isaac

Charlie said: “Oh, that might come to me, please open the door.”

Claire nodded and pressed the unlock button. Soon, Isaac Cameron came to the door and knocked gently.

Claire opened the door and said politely: “Hello, President isaac!”

Isaac Cameron also hurriedly said hello: “Hello, Mrs. Wade, sorry, I take the liberty to bother at this late, may I ask Master Wade at home?”

Charlie yelled in the living room: “I’m here, is there anything going on, Mr. ISaac?”

Isaac Cameron walked up to Charlie with some embarrassment, and said seriously: “Master Wade, I want to ask you for a favor.”

Charlie smiled and said: “Mr. isaac, you don’t have to be so polite, just tell me if you have anything.”

Isaac Cameron said according to Charlie’s arrangement: “It’s Master Wade. I have a friend who is doing business in other places. Recently, the company has encountered a bit of trouble in the company’s business. Please help me and find a Feng Shui master to take a look. I don’t think of you anymore. I don’t know if you have time. If so, please go there.”

When I heard that someone wanted to invite Charlie to see Feng Shui, Elaine’s eyes went wide, and he leaned over with ears erected and asked him: “Mr. Isaac, I don’t know your friend, please ask my son-in-law to see. Feng Shui, how much can you give?”

Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, “That’s Ms. Elaine. My friend means that as long as Master Wade is willing to go, he will give three million, and if the problem can be solved, five million!”

“Oh, so many!” Elaine said with joy: “It’s so easy for our family Charlie to make money!”

Charlie asked Isaac Cameron at this moment: “Where is your friend?”

Isaac Cameron said: “In Rongcheng, it will take about two hours to fly there!”

Charlie nodded lightly, and said, “Well then, you can book me a ticket to Rongcheng at the earliest tomorrow, and then give me his detailed address.”

“That’s great!” Isaac Cameron hurriedly said, “I’ll let you book the ticket, and I will tell you the ticket information after booking!”

“Okay.” Charlie said concisely: “Then say so.”

Isaac Cameron nodded knowingly, and said, “Master Wade, then I won’t bother you for now, thank you!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3465 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3465 )


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