The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3467 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3467 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3467 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3467 )

As he said, Hunter (Hamid) asked a little surprised: “Hey, brother, you said you can be there before dawn? We have more than 5 hours before dawn. If you fly over from Huaxia, you have to take 10. Hours?”

Charlie smiled and said, “Ordinary airplanes may take 10 hours, but 5 hours is enough for Concorde.”

“Grass…” Hunter (Hamid) exclaimed: “You have all the Concorde planes. I really admire the five-body shot…”

Charlie said lightly: “It’s not mine, I borrowed it.”

Hunter (Hamid) blurted out: “It’s also a skill to see such an awesome plane!”

Charlie smiled noncommitantly, and said: “You set an alarm clock to get up in five hours. Let’s take a rest. Let’s see you in five hours.”

“Good!” Hunter (Hamid) said excitedly, “See you in five hours!”

Soon, the Concorde airliner flew into the sky over 10,000 meters against the backdrop of the morning glow, flying at extreme speed toward the west.

More than four hours later, the Concorde plane landed smoothly at Beirut Airport in Lebanon.

Waiting to meet Charlie at Beirut Airport was Lord Wade’s subordinate, Anthony.

As soon as Charlie got off the plane, Anthony hurried forward and said respectfully: “Master, you have worked hard all the way.”

Charlie waved his hand: “No hard work, is the plane ready? When will it leave?”

Anthony pointed to the twin-propeller transport plane next to the Concorde, and said, “Master, the plane can take off at any time.”

“Okay.” Charlie nodded: “It shouldn’t be late, so hurry up.”

Anthony hurriedly led Charlie to the transport plane, and at the same time said very solemnly: “Master, the current situation in Syria has changed a lot from the time you came last time. The government forces are now recruiting more than 10,000 people from overseas. The elites of the Dragon Palace have fought Hunter (Hamid) back and forth two or three times. 

Now they have completely sealed off Hunter (Hamid)’s base, and they are still shrinking the encirclement circle. You must control the direction when you parachute. Don’t deviate from your destination. Once you go out, you may fall on the other side’s head.”

Charlie nodded and said: “I see, besides, does the other party have long-range ground-to-air weapons? Will your transport plane flying over their heads be spotted by their radar?”

Anthony waved his hand and said, “Don’t worry, they don’t have air defense radars or surface-to-air missiles. The Syrian military has only a few air defense systems deployed on the border, and all the opposition forces in the territory have no fixed-wing aircraft. , They don’t need that kind of air defense system. As for the Wanlong Palace, they are good at special warfare and don’t have any heavy weapons.”

“Good.” Charlie exclaimed, you have a clear understanding of the situation in Syria.”

Anthony hurriedly said, “I also knew that you are coming, Master, so I found someone temporarily at night and asked more about it.”

Having said that, Anthony couldn’t help asking him: “Master, the master asked me to ask you for him, have you prepared a plan to retreat? In Syria now, it’s not  easy to get in or out!”

Charlie smiled confidently and said seriously: “Don’t worry, I have my own plans.”

For Charlie, there are two ways to leave Syria with Zayne.

One is to sneak away with him all the way, but this is too hard, and the risk is also high, dozens of kilometers of mountain roads, take Zayne out, can not be found by the soldiers surrounded by the enemy, tired and difficult.

The other is to directly let Hunter (Hamid) arrange the helicopter to fly out, but the risk factor is greater, because the helicopter flies low and slowly. Although the Stinger missile carried on the shoulder is difficult to hit a fixed-wing aircraft, it is a helicopter. If it is, it is almost accurate, maybe it was caught by the opponent’s shoulder missile just as soon as it took off.

Therefore, Charlie thought about it, and felt that there was only one feasible way for him to bring Zayne out, and that was to grab the opponent’s supreme commander like when he took Ziva Hank away last time, and then take the emperor to make the princes!

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3467 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3467 )


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