The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3637 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3637 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3637 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3637 )

At this time, Nanako Ito looked at Charlie, with affectionate eyes and calm tone, even with a sense of homecoming, and said: “Charlie! Nanako is also ready to fight with all his strength! No matter who is looking for you today! We won’t agree to the trouble!”

Jon Wade was almost uncomfortable seeing this, and he cursed inwardly: “What the hell did you see! Where is Charlie awesome?! Where is it! Even the recognized Yamato Nadeshiko in Japan? , Japan’s national treasure-level top beauties are full of love for Charlie! Is this the f*ck still alive?!”

Brenden wade also collapsed, crying in his heart: “Damn! I have never seen so many top beauties when I grow up so much, but so many beauties seem to like Charlie like that! Why! Why can’t so many beauties? I have Brenden wade?!”

The rest of the Wade Family were also shocked by Ito Nanako’s attitude.

But what shocked them most was actually Charlie’s unbelievable network.

Originally, they thought that Charlie just took the Emgrand Group and 10 billion in cash from the old man.

After all, Charlie is just a hanging wire in the hearts of most of them.

But who would have thought that when the Wade Family suffered such a disaster, and even their collateral branches ran away, so many people would come to Yeling Mountain to help Charlie!

Among them, not only the local family in Aurous Hill, but also the well-known Elms family in the martial arts field, the Orrin Sun family of trillions of wealth, and even the eldest wife and eldest lady of the banks family came.

Not only that, but what is most unbelievable is that even the Ito family in Japan has so many people here.

Looking at the wade’s family, not only the relatives disappeared, but even a friend did not come.

In front of Charlie’s rubbish contacts, they are not even a fart!

Lord Wade also really didn’t expect that Charlie could manage such a strong relationship, so many people would be willing to risk their lives to help him.

This made Lord Wade not only shocked, but also a little ashamed.

I am ashamed that I have been making friends for so many years, but I didn’t expect anyone to come to help me at the critical moment.

Compared with Charlie, his popularity is extremely bad!

At this moment, Charlie’s heart was indeed very moved.

While being moved, he also reluctantly said to Ito Nanako, Jasmine and others: “Everyone, it’s just a small matter. I didn’t want to disturb everyone. I didn’t expect to have to work so hard for you to run all the way. I’m really embarrassed.”

Jasmine hurriedly asked: “Master Wade, we receive a lot of favor from you on weekdays, how can we stand by and watch this situation…”

Charlie couldn’t help asking: “How did you guess my identity? Whose credit is it?”

Jasmine spit out her tongue and pointed at Ito Nanako and said, “Nanako guessed it, but it was originally a guess. After it was confirmed by other things, we hurried over.”

Charlie suddenly came back to his senses and blurted out: “It was the phone you called me yesterday that helped you confirm it? I seemed to tell you on the phone that I was in Eastcliff to show others Feng Shui.”

Jasmine said embarrassingly: “Yes…Master Wade, don’t be angry. I didn’t mean to test you. I was just too curious about your identity, so I just…”

Nanako Ito was ashamed and said hurriedly: “Charlie, please don’t blame Sister . All this is my idea. I instructed Sister  to do this…”

Charlie smiled slightly and said seriously: “Why? You all came so far because of me, so how can I be blamed.”

Nanako Ito breathed a sigh of relief and hurriedly asked, “Charlie, are you sure about today’s affairs?”

Charlie nodded and smiled, and said: “Of course, Charlie never fights that is uncertain.”

With that said, Charlie looked at the Japanese ninjas and moore’s subordinates standing neatly in a few rows not far behind her, and said: “Nanako, don’t take any action with the ninjas you’re allowed to take; moore, you It’s the same with the side’s men! Just watch them silently behind me.”

Jasmine couldn’t help saying: “Master Wade…you…what are you doing…”

Charlie smiled faintly: “If I have to find a helper even to deal with a Wanlong Temple in the district, then I still have such a face, you call Master Wade?”

At this time, the Wade Family didn’t know what to say.

Jon Wade, Brenden wade and others, even the urge to sigh inwardly disappeared.

What do you say? They felt that Charlie had already installed everything that could be installed in this world.

Why is there a Wanlong Temple…

In that tone, it was as if Wanlongdian was not a top mercenary organization, but a three-year-old kid.

Lord Wade also had a numb scalp. He was really afraid that the helpers that Charlie found would not help out one by one at that time, so a heart that had just relaxed, became extremely worried again…

It’s seven forty in the morning.

On the road at the foot of the mountain that can only lead to Yeling Mountain, a funeral procession can already be seen.

There are about a hundred people in this team, each wearing white filial attire, and the eight leading people carrying two coffins are rushing towards Yeling Mountain!

When Charlie saw this scene, the corners of his mouth rose slightly.

“Abbas, Abbas, you are finally here!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3637 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3637 )


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