The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3638 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3638 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3638 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3638 )

This funeral procession of hundreds of people moved very fast.

Even if someone in front of the team is carrying two coffins, the speed of marching is no different from that of a rapid march.

The pedestrians all wore the same tactical leather boots, and when they were walking fast on the concrete floor, they made uniform footsteps, resounding throughout the valley.

In the team, there is an old man, who is walking fast with the team at this time, already exhausted and panting.

But the young people around him did not give him a chance to stop and take a breath. Instead, they kept urging him to continue walking fast. Some people even pushed him when he was about to fall behind, or roughly pulled the hemp rope on his filial piety. , Forced him to go forward.

This old man is Lord Banks.

At this time, the top of Yeling Mountain.

Charlie and the others had already seen the constantly approaching team.

In the morning sun, everyone can see the two eye-catching black coffins. Therefore, everyone knows very well that this group of people must be the Wanlong Palace.

The Wade Family suddenly felt like a big enemy, all of them fidgeting nervously.

Charlie looked at the funeral procession at the foot of the mountain from a distance, with a sneer at the corner of his mouth.

At this moment, Charlie sighed in his heart: “abbas Army, you are finally here! It’s not just that I am waiting for you, but your general Chen  and your benefactor Zayne have also been waiting for you for many days. !”

At this point, Charlie said to Stephen Thompson: “Stephen Thompson, give my order to let the uncles and uncles under the mountain make their way up the mountain. No one can resist!”

“Yes!” Stephen Thompson immediately notified Shanxia and told them to clear the way.

Although these people were not upset, because it was Charlie’s order, everyone could only follow suit.

As a result, they moved to both sides and gave way to the mountain.

The headed Abbas strode forward. When passing by these people, he just glanced at them. Seeing that they were not obstructing, he didn’t look at them again, and walked towards wades grave halfway up the mountain!

The road up the mountain was part of the foundation project of Yeling Mountain which the Wade Family invested heavily in construction.

The whole road is wide and flat, and even the supercar with the lowest chassis can be easily released.

Therefore, the people walking up the mountain in the Wanlong Temple are even more flat.

It’s seven and fifty-five.

Abbas led the soldiers of the Wanlong Palace, violently passed the last corner, and walked directly toward the white marble archway of wade’s grave!

This group of well-trained Wanlongdian masters are full of murderous aura, marching, like a guard of honor, every step is neat and powerful, and the closer they get, the more shocking they feel.

At this moment, he saw two or three hundred people from the Wade Family gathered here, and no one was wearing sackcloth and filial piety. He was furious, and his eyes were full of murderous intent.

Salmaan, who was next to him, also saw that no one in the Wade Family was wearing hemp or filial piety, and said angrily: “Holy lord, you have given the Wade Family a chance to survive. It seems that they don’t want it!”

Abbas sneered, “It’s okay. Since they don’t want their face, they will first pick up the Wade Family’s ancestral grave today, thwart that bruce’s bones, and bury the scenery of my parents! After today, they will continue to bury wade. Kill all tElms family members one by one!”

Lord Banks had already run off and broke his leg at this time, and said out of breath: “Broken…Broken army…Wade Family…this is Ning…I would rather die than surrender…”

Abbas said disdainfully: “If this is the case, then all go to die!”

After all, he took the lead and walked towards the archway of bruce’s grave, and Charlie also walked under the archway at this time.

Except for Lord Wade and Charlie’s sister-in-law, Aaliyah, everyone else in the Wade Family didn’t dare to go too far, and each of them tried to back up as much as possible.

However, the people who rushed to help Charlie stood beside Charlie one by one, and even a few girls were not half afraid.

Zara recognized the opponent’s camp at a glance. The old man wearing filthy piety and filial piety was his grandfather Lord Banks, and suddenly asked in surprise: “Grandpa, you…you are…”

Lord Banks never dreamed that his granddaughter was here!

Looking down at the filial attire he was wearing, he only felt that his old face was hot for a while, and he wished to pierce through a crack in the ground.

When he was embarrassed, he suddenly saw Deana next to Zara. Seeing Deana was surprised, and at the same time, with a bit of contempt, his face became even hotter.

Lord Banks just wanted to avoid Deana’s eyes, but found another figure in the crowd that shocked him!

It was actually his other granddaughter, Zayne’s illegitimate daughter, Xion!

At this time, Lord Banks’s heart was shocked: “Xion is still alive…”

“Why is her mother here too?!”

“There is Lord Elms (Wilfred)! Damn, why did the Elms family come to help the Wade Family?!”

Lord Banks’s heart was a little hot, and then he thought about it, and then secretly thought in his heart: “What about his family? They are not the opponents of Wanlong Palace at all!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3638 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3638 )


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