The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3640 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3640 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3640 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3640 )

No one on the scene expected that Charlie would not be afraid of seeing Abbas.

The few people in the Wade Family who were wearing filial piety scolded in their hearts almost at the same time that Charlie simply didn’t have enough to die.

Abbas is all in front of his face, and dare to say such pretending words, this fu*king light up and going to the toilet, he is going to die…

Even Lord Wade was so frightened that his liver trembled, for fear that Charlie would annoy Abbas, and the opponent would kill his eyes directly, then everything would be done.

And Abbas was even more furious.

He really didn’t expect that someone in the Wade Family would dare to talk to himself like this!

So he asked in a cold voice: “Boy! You are a bit arrogant, if you don’t know how to write dead words, I can teach you!”

Charlie smiled and said: “No, I will write dead words, and I can engrave your head for free later.”

After speaking, he asked loudly, “Where is Don Albert?”

Don Albert immediately raised his hand and said loudly, “Master Wade, I am here!”

Charlie didn’t turn his head, smiled at Abbas and asked Don Albert: “Is your sword strapped?”

“Bring it!” Don Albert said loudly: “Master Wade, will I ask him to carve his head later?”

“Yes!” Charlie nodded and smiled: “You are still the best!”

“Of course.” Don Albert said with a smile: “Master Wade, I have also practiced this human calligraphy. We have experience!”

Abbas’s face was already pale for a while.

He clenched his fists, wishing to rush to kill Charlie immediately.

Just when he almost couldn’t control it, Salmaan on the side pointed at Charlie and cursed coldly: “Boy! It’s you again! Yesterday you were the most arrogant! Now even dare to yell at our palace master! You! His mother is so tired of living!”

As he said, he gritted his teeth and said: “I said yesterday that if I don’t see you kneeling here today, I will be the first to kill you! Take my life!”

As soon as Salmaan’s voice fell, he was about to rush to Charlie and attack Charlie.

However, at this time, Abbas suddenly gave him a hand, making him unable to move.

Immediately, Abbas stared at Charlie and said blankly: “Boy, I think you are familiar. Who are you from the Wade Family? Who is your father?”

Charlie put away his smile and said coldly: “My name is Charlie! My father is bruce Wade!”

“Hi…” When Abbas heard the three words bruce Wade, he gritted his teeth and took a long breath!

Lord Banks on the side was also stunned!

I never dreamed that bruce Wade’s son was missing for so many years and was still alive, and he returned to wade’s house!

At this time, Abbas looked at Charlie with a grin, and blurted out with a bit of excitement and excitement: “I said you are so familiar! It really looks like bruce Wade!”

After that, he suddenly looked up to the sky with a long smile, and said with a bit of madness: “Hahaha! Really the Emperor is worthy of his heart! I have been thinking and always thinking, bruce Wade has been dead for so many years, how should I avenge him! The best method I can think of is to dig out his coffin and thwart him! But I did not expect that his son is still alive!”

Immediately afterwards, Abbas put away his smile, stared at Charlie as if looking at a dead person, and said coldly: “Today, I am in front of bruce Wade’s grave, and cut off your head! I want him to be at eighteen. The souls of the hell will never rest, and will never be transcended!”

Charlie was irritated by his words, but did not act immediately, but said lightly: “Remember, villains generally die from talking too much!”

Salmaan couldn’t stand it and blurted out: “Charlie, right? You fu*king don’t cry without seeing the coffin! To deal with your trash, you don’t need our hall to take the initiative, I’ll kill you!”

Abbas shouted sternly: “You shut up! He is the son of my enemy. I have to kill him personally to relieve my hatred!”

Salmaan hurriedly said: “Hall Master, your subordinates talk a lot, please punish you!”

Abbas ignored him. Instead, he looked at Charlie and said coldly: “Don’t say I won’t give you a chance, in front of your parents and my parents, let’s have a good fight and see who compares. Stronger!”

The abbas Army at this moment is eager to kill Charlie on the spot in front of his parents’ coffin and in front of Charlie’s parents’ mausoleum!

Because, only in this way is the best and most perfect way of revenge!

Only in this way can I tell my parents that their son is stronger than bruce Wade’s son!

Only in this way can the parents understand that they have never won bruce Wade, but their son won bruce Wade’s son!

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3640 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3640 )


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