The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3642 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3642 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3642 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3642 )

Hearing that Charlie mentioned Chen  suddenly, Abbas’s expression suddenly became very ugly.

Chen  is the Blue-eyed Wolf King in Wanlong Palace second only to Wan Po Army, and has always been a general that Wan Po Army valued very much.

But it is such a number two person under one person and over ten thousand people. He has suffered the most tragic failures in the Middle East since the establishment of the Wanlong Temple.

Thousands of people were killed and more than 10,000 were taken prisoner, making Wanlong Temple shame internationally.

Moreover, since then, Chen ‘s whereabouts have been unknown and there has been no news.

No one knows whether he was captured, defected, or dead.

And Abbas also knew very well that since Charlie could say Chen ‘s name, it proved that he was very clear about Wanlongdian’s previous failure in the Middle East.

At this time, I mentioned it deliberately, naturally to make fun of myself.

An angry Abbas said coldly: “Boy, don’t be quick to talk here, let alone Chen , even salmaan, you can’t win!”

After that, he looked at Salmaan and said sharply: salmaan, tear his mouth!”

Salmaan nodded, and stepped forward and said coldly: “Boy, come on, let me see how capable you are, dare to say such crazy things!”

Having said that, Salmaan’s fists suddenly shook, and the powerful internal force converged on the fist, and it turned out to be two deafening explosions out of thin air!

Not only that!

The misty drizzle scattered around his fists, unexpectedly making a squeaking sound when the water droplets vaporized at high temperature, like a piece of red iron thrown into the water!

The powerful internal force is like a high-strength radiating magnetic field, making the surrounding warriors and ninjas instantly shocked.

Although Salmaan hasn’t taken a shot yet, the gang wind brought out by his powerful internal force has already made the surrounding martial artists realize that the strength of this person is far beyond their imagination!

Lord Elms (Wilfred) looked stunned, and exclaimed in a low voice: “This person’s internal strength has already become superb, and even with every gesture, he can form a wind, and the internal strength is extremely pure! This…this is the terrifying strength of the six-star warrior!”

Xion was also startled, and blurted out: “Grandpa! Why can this person reach the level of a six-star warrior at a young age? Looking at the entire country, there is no six-star warrior!”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) sighed: “If you don’t know something, the country will be peaceful and prosperous, and the atmosphere of martial arts will become weaker and weaker. Domestic martial arts masters have gone overseas for decades.”

After all, Lord Elms (Wilfred) looked at Xion and said seriously: “If you are so young, with the help of Mr. wade, you can break through the three-star warrior. Presumably, your future achievements will be higher than mine! Reaching six stars, maybe not. Dream!”

Xion whispered: “Six-star warrior…I…I dare not think…”

Lord Elms (Wilfred) glanced at her and said seriously: “Maybe I didn’t dare to think about it before, but you have the good luck of Mr. wade and the help of Mr. wade. Six stars may not be impossible…”

After speaking, Lord Elms (Wilfred) looked at Xion and said earnestly: “Xion, from today on, the He family will be led by you. Seeing that the strength of the young people nowadays is so strong, my old bones, too I’m going to retreat and practice…”

Xion didn’t expect that Grandpa would suddenly hand over the leadership of the elms family to himself at this time.

But what she didn’t know was that when Lord Elms (Wilfred) actually saw her last night, learned that she was still alive, and learned of all the experiences during this period, he had already made up his mind to let her lead the He family.

Because he clearly realized that Charlie would be a nobleman who had never met in the elms family for hundreds of years.

As for the entire elms family, Xion received Charlie’s favor most.

As long as she will do her best

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3642 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3642 )


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