The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3651 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3651 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3651 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3651 )

This group of people was horrified. They knew that since Charlie could kill the Golden Lion King with a shake of his hand, Charlie could also use the same method to kill any of them!

Abbas was also completely stunned!

At this moment, he finally realized the gap between himself and Charlie.

He knew that if Charlie did it, he might not be able to do a good job in his hands!

At this moment, Charlie, who had just killed someone, looked at Salmaan with an annoyed look, and sighed: “Oh, I was impulsive. As I said just now, I was the first to kill you today, but I couldn’t bear it for a while. Live, let others take your first place, you won’t blame me, will you?”

Salmaan was almost frightened, and blurted out: “No, no… definitely not…”

Charlie nodded, turned to look at the group of soldiers in the Wanlong Palace with amazement, and said lightly: “Anyone can take the initiative to stand up as long as they are not afraid of death. Preparations for the killing, even if I kill you all, Charlie will never blink!”

The killing intent in Charlie’s tone caused a panic in the hearts of the Wanlongdian group of people subconsciously.

At this time, Charlie’s toes fell on the ground, and he threw a piece of cobblestone from the ground. Then he grabbed the cobblestone in his hand, playing with his hand, while watching the nearly hundred soldiers in Wanlong Palace, said lightly. : “Today is my personal grievance with Abbas. It has nothing to do with you guys, so now all of you must take a step back. Don’t retreat, die!”

These people suddenly panicked. Everyone looked at me and I looked at you. For a while, they didn’t know whether to stand still or take a step back.

After all, if it really took a step back at this time, it would also indicate that they and Abbas would completely separate their camps.

But many of these people have deep feelings with Abbas, and they can’t bear to stand in line at this time.

As a result, some people immediately took a step back, but still nearly half chose to stand still.

And these people who stood still were lucky.

Charlie only had one stone in his hand, and there were dozens of people standing still, could he kill everyone with one stone?

Seeing this, Charlie smiled slightly.

In this regard, he was not surprised.

So he looked at one of the black people and asked him: “I heard that there is a black-faced leopard king in the Wanlong Palace. If you guess right, it should be you?”

The black man suddenly panicked and said subconsciously: “It’s… it’s me…”

Charlie nodded and said calmly: “You are the four kings of the Ten Thousand Dragon Palace, now you are left intact, and you are still standing still, it seems that you want to be an enemy of me?”

The Black-faced Leopard King panicked. When he thought that the Golden Retriever Lion King was pierced by a stone by Charlie just now, he subconsciously stepped back and waved his hand again and again: “Mr. wade, you have misunderstood…I didn’t want to fight you…I This is a step back…”

Charlie shook his head and said lightly: “It’s late!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3651 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3651 )


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