The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3653 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3653 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3653 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3653 )

What’s more, Chen ‘s own consciousness was sealed by Charlie a long time ago, and Abbas couldn’t even feel a little cultivation ability.

So he looked at Charlie and asked, “Who is this person?”

Charlie sneered: “Why? You can’t recognize your own capable man without his face covered?”

Abbas was even more confused.

Although Charlie had already reminded him to be his capable man, he never thought of Chen ‘s body.

Because, in the personal perception of all the soldiers in the Wanlong Palace, Chen  must be in the Middle East, not China.

Seeing his surprise, Charlie sneered and tore off the black cloth bag on Chen ‘s head.

When Abbas and other soldiers in the Wanlong Palace saw Chen ‘s face, everyone’s expressions immediately became extremely shocked.

No one can believe that Chen , who has been missing for many days, is actually in Charlie’s hands.

Abbas asked subconsciously: “chan…you…how are you here?!”

At this time, Chen  stood silently on the spot, sticking like a fool, his eyes were also in a state of out of focus, as if he was deaf to Abbas’s voice.

Abbas didn’t know what happened to Chen , but when he saw him so sluggish, he realized that it was probably beyond his imagination, so he hurriedly asked again: “chan! Don’t you know me?! “

Chen  still did not respond.

Charlie smiled slightly at this time and said: “I forgot to tell you, Chen ‘s own consciousness has been sealed in his body by me. He is no longer the one you are familiar with. The current him is nothing more than It’s just a puppet of mine.”

Abbas and the other soldiers in the Wanlong Palace were all silly.

Sealing a person’s consciousness in the body is something they have never heard of!

Abbas didn’t believe that Charlie could have such supernatural powers, this method was simply incredible.

Seeing that they couldn’t understand, Charlie pointed to Salmaan who was kneeling on the ground, and said to Chen , “Get him!”

Chen  rushed forward without hesitation, grabbed Salmaan by the collar, and slapped him several times, causing Salmaan to scream again and again.

Charlie nodded in satisfaction, and said: “Okay, stop.”

Only then did Chen  stop and return to Charlie’s side.

Abbas looked dumbfounded, and didn’t understand what exactly Charlie used to make Chen  look like this.

Seeing his puzzled look, Charlie patted Chen ‘s shoulder lightly, and smiled: “Come on, give you a minute of freedom to speak temporarily. Say what you want to say out loud!”

Although Chen ‘s consciousness has been blocked, his consciousness can still receive all the senses of his body.

He knew everything that happened around him during this period of time. Abbas wanted to lead his brothers to the Yeling Mountain. He also knew this very well.

Even just now, he knelt in front of Charlie’s parents and couldn’t see the scene that just happened with his own eyes, but through his voice, he guessed what happened just now.

However, his reception of external information is one-way. In addition to receiving external information from the body’s senses, he cannot control his body to make any response, even if it is just blinking an eyelid.

The moment Charlie just slapped his shoulder, his consciousness finally merged with his body again. This long-lost feeling is like a vegetative who has been sleeping for many years finally wakes up and makes him cry in an instant. Full of face.

Immediately afterwards, he looked at Abbas, his emotions collapsed instantly, crying and begging: “Hall Lord… please find a way to save me, or… or kill me immediately… This consciousness is imprisoned. The feeling in the body is more terrifying and desperate than the eighteenth hell!!”

“It’s… birth! No! Like! Death! Ah!!!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3653 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3653 )


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