The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3656 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3656 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3656 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3656 )

At this time, Zayne chang sighed, and said to Abbas very seriously: “abbas… what Charlie said was right… Your parents’ death really has nothing to do with his father…”

Abbas asked with tears: “Uncle banks, my father used to fight against bruce to protect you. Today he and my mother’s coffin are also here. Are you afraid of their chills when you say that? “

Zayne said helplessly: “Even if I died today and went there to see your parents, I will still say so.”

At this point, Zayne paused and continued: “The Anti-wade League back then was an immoral existence in itself. bruce has always been decent, and this person is not only decent, but also extremely capable, so much so that we have so many. The family has been shrouded in his shadow for a long time…”

“So, those of us who are inferior to him, in order to contain him, we established the Anti-wade Alliance, so from this point of view, we have already made the mistake first…”

“Moreover, in order to cater to me, your father was extremely concerned about the Anti-wade Alliance. He always wanted to find an opportunity to prove his ability by attacking bruce…”

“It just so happened that in those years, foreign trade and the entire international futures market were very volatile. Grain, crude oil and various precious metals were very turbulent. Many people became rich overnight, and many went bankrupt overnight. Your father thought he knew it. In view of the international situation, he took the initiative to join the futures market and prepared to attack bruce, but in the end he was not bruce’s opponent at all…”

“When your father’s loss reached 80%, bruce even called him to persuade him to stop. But at the time, your father felt that bruce deliberately forced him to cut the meat and leave the field. So in order to win, he even called him. I have raised a lot of funds outside with high interest rates, and I want to fight bruce to the death…”

“The final result is that your father lost all of his assets, while still owing billions of debts outside. He couldn’t bear such a major failure, so he chose to commit suicide…”

Speaking of this, Zayne sighed and said: “As for your mother…the reason why she committed suicide by poisoning on your father’s first seven days is because the debt collector at the time was chasing after your mother to urge your mother to repay the money. When you arrived at your father’s grave, with billions of debts, to be honest, I couldn’t do anything about it. In the end, your mother was desperate and chose to commit suicide…”

Zayne paused for a moment, looked at Abbas, sighing with emotion: “abbas, as a witness, I can say something absolutely fair. The death of your parents really has nothing to do with bruce! The blame is only on you. Dad is too greedy for meritorious merit, even I am not bruce’s opponent, but he misjudged the situation and thought he could defeat bruce. Speaking of which, he was just like you who thought you could defeat Charlie today…”

Speaking of this, Zayne said with a very sad expression: “abbas, you can be the Lord of the Wanlong Palace overseas, which is quite good. Why not go overseas and continue to create your own business? Why should you be caught? The so-called hatred blinded your eyes, ran back to the country and continued to smash with the wade Family. If you didn’t come back, how could you suffer this catastrophe…”

Abbas had completely collapsed at this time.

He knelt on the ground with a thud, and cried loudly: “For the past twenty years…I have tried my best every day to support my motivation, which is to come back and avenge my parents…”

“But who would have thought that my father was defeated by bruce back then, and I was defeated by bruce’s son today…”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3656 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3656 )


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