The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3659 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3659 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3659 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3659 )

Seeing that Charlie was unmoved, Abbas felt ashes in his heart. He suddenly turned his head and looked at the coffin of his parents, howling and crying: “Dad… Mom… Son is not filial… Son I am sorry for you two, let you go. I have been implicated by my son for so many years…I’m sorry…I’m really sorry…”

At this time, Deana’s nose in the crowd was sour, and he really couldn’t stand it. He immediately walked out of the crowd, looked at Charlie, and pleaded: “Charlie, for the sake of abbas’s true knowledge of his mistakes, please forgive . This time he…”

When Abbas saw Deana, he recognized her immediately, and he was stunned: “…Aunt Deana… why are you here…”

Deana looked at him sympathetically, and sighed: “Charlie rescued me and Zara  before. Our mothers heard that you were going to Yeling Mountain. They were worried that Charlie would be in danger, so they rushed over overnight. I went out to beg you to raise your hands high, but I didn’t expect… hey…”

Abbas couldn’t stop his tears, and said tragically, “I’m sorry Auntie … for causing you trouble… I don’t ask Mr. wade to let me go, I only ask him to let my parents go. There are countless mistakes. It’s all my Abbas’s fault, I don’t distinguish between right and wrong, I don’t know what I can do, and it’s also my rants that I want to bring Mr. wade’s parents down to ashes…”

Speaking of this, Abbas lowered his head, choked and said with a little trembling: “I also know that what Mr. wade treats me is what I deserve… even if he wants to treat him like a man. Body, it’s my fault…”

“But… but I am really ashamed of my parents…”

“For so many years… I haven’t been able to come back for so many years to kowtow and burn them…”

“I’m finally back now. As a result, I just came back and disturbed their spirits in the sky and moved them out of the tomb. Now they are still frustrated and ashes after their death…”

“I… I really can’t forgive myself… Even if I die, I can’t forgive myself…”

Zayne was in tears, turned around and knelt in front of Charlie, begging: “Mr. wade, abbas has paid the price for his arrogance, please raise your hand high and forgive him this time!”

Zara banks couldn’t stand it at this time, and she said: “Dad! Mom! Today’s matter is the personal grievance between the benefactor and Abbas! And it is the Abbas’s provocation first. You don’t want to kidnap here morally now. !”

Zara banks has always been clear about right and wrong.

Yes, that’s right!

Wrong is wrong! !

If you do something wrong, you have to bear all the consequences!

You Abbas provoked yourself first, and now you want to kowtow for mercy if you lose. Why do you kowtow and others have to forgive you? !

Deana was even more embarrassed when Zara banks said this. She sighed softly and said: “Zara , it is true that it is wrong to break the army, but he has already paid the price for his mistake…”

Zara banks nodded and said seriously: “It is true that the price has been paid, but the price paid is not enough. It is not you and Dad who have the final say, it is the grandfather who has the final say!”

Abbas also choked up desperately at this time: “Uncle banks and Aunt Deana, you two should not intercede for me. Everything I do today is self-inflicted, no wonder anyone…”

Charlie, who has not spoken, saw that Abbas was completely desperate. At this moment, he said indifferently: “Abbas, will you kill you and your subordinates, or whether you want to crush your parents and ashes? Everything is mine. In a single thought! I can reject you ruthlessly, or let you go online, but why should I do this?”

Abbas was still kneeling on the ground at this time, his whole body was bleeding, and his coarse cloth was soaked in blood. It was horrible, but he still endured the pain and blurted out: “Mr. can treat me and my parents Raise your hand high, I, Abbas, swear to the heavens and to my parents in the spirit of heaven! In this life I am willing to follow Mr. wade and be a cow and horse for Mr. wade! My life is only Mr. wade’s head! Even if Mr. wade now lets me jump from Yeling Mountain, My Abbas will never complain!”

Those soldiers of the Wanlong Palace who were originally frightened, saw Abbas’s miserable appearance, all of them were heartbroken.

One of them suddenly knelt on the ground, squatted hard at Charlie, raised his head and shouted with tears on his face: “I beg Mr. wade to raise your hand to the Lord’s parents. I, Shen Hanqing, will also be a cow and horse for Mr. wade in this life and repay me. Mr. wade’s great kindness!”

Immediately afterwards, another person knelt on the ground and kowtowed, and immediately shouted: “I am willing to Li Quanbin too!”

“I am willing to Zhang Haixin too!”

There was even a female warrior in the Wanlong Palace kneeling down and choking her head: “I am willing to Hu Kexin too!”

At the beginning of these few people, almost all of the other soldiers in the Wanlong Palace knelt down, and the crisp and vigorous kowtow resounded throughout Yeling Mountain! !

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3659 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3659 )


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