The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3663 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3663 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3663 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3663 )

Speaking of this, Charlie saw Abbas burst into tears again, so he paused slightly, and continued: “Think about it, you are not only the blood of your parents, but your parents’ two families. , The blood that has been passed down all the way for thousands of years! These bloodlines have survived countless wars and disasters, and continue to this day, but now, they have to be broken on you. You think you go to see your parents and accompany you like this Your parents, if your parents know well, will they forgive you?”

When Abbas heard this, he couldn’t cry, and he was so ashamed that he didn’t even dare to look up.

Charlie saw his changes in his eyes and continued: “You have no children. If you die, what if you have these brothers?”

“When they were alive, because you were kind to them, they might still come to sweep the graves for you and your parents. After they die, their children haven’t even seen you before, so they won’t travel far and wide for your family. Sweep the tomb for memorial service.”

“In this way, after a few years, your dad’s grave will become indistinguishable from the mass grave.”

“If you encounter land requisition and development, natural and man-made disasters again, the ashes of your family will probably not be reduced.”

“In that case, what’s the difference between frustrating bones and raising ashes?”

Hearing this, Abbas lowered his head deeply, his whole body trembled violently, and tears kept rolling down on the ground.

He also wanted to live.

However, he was afraid that Charlie would not let him live, nor let his brothers live. Coupled with the decent and tranquility of his parents, he could only choose to die.

However, a thought suddenly rushed into his heart: “Charlie suddenly turned the short blade in my hand into powder. Could it be that he intended to spare my life?!”

But, soon, Abbas sighed in his heart again: “I am afraid I think too much. I am so disrespectful to Charlie’s parents. How can he spare my life? If I were him, then I would have killed myself long ago.

Charlie went on to say at this time: “Abbas, you have to know that people are inherently dead, but you must try to be remembered after death to prove that you have ever existed in this world.”

“Those sages and heroes are still remembered for thousands of years after their deaths. This is the highest level of meaning for a person to live forever;”

“Even if ordinary people cannot become sages and heroes, they can at least leave their names on their family tree so that their descendants can remember it. Just like my wade family, the genealogy has been passed down for hundreds of years, and every ancestor has a name on the genealogy. , This is proof that they existed, and as long as my wade family is prosperous, their names will never be forgotten!”

Speaking of this, Charlie looked at Abbas and said lightly: “However, if you die today, your parents’ names will also be buried in the soil with you!”

“Perhaps you, as the lord of the Ten Thousand Dragons Palace, will be remembered in the decades after your death, but who will remember your parents? They were just thrown into the long river of history and will never be again. Remember, how sad?”

Abbas was extremely ashamed at this moment!

Originally, he was ready to go to death generously, but now he suddenly felt that if he had died like this, he would have no face after death to see his parents and the ancestors of thousands of families!

Charlie’s remarks, to him, are simply murderous!

Make him more painful than death 10,000 times!

Originally, he still felt that death was a kind of relief and a kind of self-salvation.

But now he realizes that not only can he not be liberated or redeemed when he is dead, he is ashamed of his parents and ancestors!

Because of his death, his parents and ancestors will disappear completely in the long river of history!

It will also let the thousands of years and hardships completely disappear!

Let this whole family leave no evidence and meaning of existence!

Thinking of this, his heart is worse than death.

So he raised his head, looked at Charlie with extremely red and swollen eyes, and pleaded respectfully and loudly: “Mr. wade! I am willing to give everything in the next! I only hope that you can be generous and give you a chance to fulfill your filial piety. I swear by my parents and the ancestors that in this life I will surely support Mr. wade in this life, and do my best, never hesitate to die, and never cease to die!!!”

Charlie knew that if he wanted to kill abbas, he would simply kill him, but if he didn’t kill him and wanted to use him for his own use, he had to let him break and stand!

After all, this person is the lord of the Wanlong Temple, and he is definitely a dragon and phoenix among people if he can work hard to build a foundation of such a scale after 20 years abroad.

If he only relies on pressure and coercion to subdue him, then the arrogance and dissatisfaction in his bones must still be there, and after a few years of frustration, he will definitely be released and stand on his opposite side again.

Therefore, the best way is to smash all this person’s confidence!

Don’t you think you are great? Then my strength can force you to cut your meridians without fighting!

Don’t you think it doesn’t matter if you fail, you can solve your sorrows once you die? Then I want you to know that death is the most painful, most regrettable, most failing, and most cowardly choice in this world!

When you are blocked and there is nowhere to go, all your pride and confidence will disappear.

As the so-called 100 refining Fangcheng steel! Only after repeated quenching, repeated beating, repeated destruction and reconstruction, can it be turned into a sharp blade!

So Charlie waved his hand freely at Abbas, and said calmly: “Fine! I just took over the wade family’s big and small affairs, and there will be a real shortage of manpower in the future. Since you have this heart, I can forgive you not to die. You have an opportunity to fulfill your filial piety, but you and everyone in the Wanlong Palace must be loyal to me! In this life and this life, you must not disobey any of my orders!”

After that, Charlie looked at Abbas and the soldiers of the Wanlong Palace behind him, and asked sharply: “You guys, are you willing?!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3663 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3663 )


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