The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3666 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3666 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3666 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3666 )

No one expected that the elderly wade, suddenly like a thunder, said such a thing.

As soon as these words came out, everyone knew that it was definitely Corran wade who asked the old man behind his back and wanted to say something bad about Charlie to sow discord. He didn’t expect to be slapped by the old man’s awe-inspiring slap.

What is even more shocking is that Elder wade will suddenly announce that he will officially pass on the position of Wade Family Patriarch to Charlie!

At this moment, Charlie’s subordinates and friends were so excited that they were about to cheer.

And most of the Wade Family members were crying and crying, much uglier than the moment Abbas asked Salmaan to bring the coffin to the door.

With the old man in power, each of them can get a lot of money from the Wade Family’s business. Coupled with the huge annual dividends and bonuses, everyone is very comfortable.

However, everyone knew that once Charlie became the Patriarch, it was basically over.

Charlie’s iron-blooded character, how could they make them fish? At that time, it will definitely be like Zhu Yuanzhang back then, keeping a tight eye on finances and not leaving them any extra space.

Corran wade was even more distressed and indignant. He choked in his heart: “What the hell is this? I kindly ran to remind the old man to stay away from power, but the old guy actually gave me a slap in public and directly took the position of the head of the house. I gave Charlie, did he take the wrong medicine?”

Lord Wade looked at Corran wade at this time, but what he thought was: “I was robbed of the position of Patriarch by Charlie without a word. I didn’t even earn the title of voluntarily abdicating to make Xian Xian. lord wade didn’t know where to find it. This is an opportunity to promote the relationship with charlie, and you will send it to the door by yourself. Isn’t this just dozing, someone will give you a pillow?!”

“Even if you are my own son? Do you think I don’t know what your wishful thinking is? You asked Jon Wade to buy Xiaoyi overnight. I knew it last night! A**hole, you want to wait for my old man After the bones have been slaughtered by the Wanlong Palace, should you kneel down and beg for mercy and recognize the thief as your father? From now on, Charlie will be in charge of the Wade Family, and you will have good fruits to eat!”

Corran wade doesn’t know what the old man is thinking, he only knows one thing, he is afraid that he will be finished in the future.

At this time, Charlie was slightly surprised when he heard that the old man was going to pass the position of Patriarch directly to himself.

But after thinking about it carefully, he probably understood what the old man was thinking.

The reason why I said to Abbas just now was that I had to directly call my name, and I had to be responsible for the Wade Family’s affairs, which was equivalent to directly becoming the actual power holder.

The old man must know that he is unable to return to the sky, and now he takes the initiative to give up his position and show his favor, and he can still earn a good favor.

After all, they are all human beings.

As for Corran wade, he must be regarded as a stepping stone by the old man.

This time I stepped on Abbas’s upper position, and the old man stepped on Corran wade to step down. I have to say that they all have the same effect.

Therefore, Charlie said unwillingly, “With me in the Wade Family in the future, I will definitely be able to continue to develop and create greater glories!”

Lord Wade took a step forward, grabbed Charlie’s hand, and said excitedly: “charlie, you alone will decide all the affairs of the Wade Family in the future. I believe that the Wade Family will surely stand on top of the world in your hands!”

Charlie nodded heavily, and said seriously: “I should do my best!”

After that, he looked at the Wade Family’s uncles and brothers, and said lightly: “Moreover, the Wade Family’s peace has been a long time, and many people’s bones are weak. I have to take advantage of the opportunity of the ancestor worship ceremony to give them a good deal. Calcium supplement!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3666 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3666 )


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