The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3667 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3667 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3667 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3667 )

Afterwards, Charlie said to Lord Elms (Wilfred) again: “Mr. Elms, please help me keep an eye on everyone in my Wade Family. If anyone dares to quietly throw things out of him, especially things like Xiaoyi, he will give me five flowers on the spot. Bund up!”

When most of the Wade Family heard this, they were shocked.

Because they are still carrying Xiaoyi in their clothes, the process of Charlie’s conquest of Wanlong Palace was too shocking. This group of people completely forgot about Xiaoyi.

After Charlie said this, he remembered that he had pulled a bomb on his body.

This group of people was panicked immediately, and didn’t know what Charlie planned to deal with them next.

At this time, Charlie ignored the Wade Family, but looked at the soldiers of the Wanlong Palace who were kneeling in front of them.

Among the soldiers, there was also a shivering old man. Although this old man was also kneeling on the ground, he had been looking around, seeming to be looking for a chance to slip away.

This person is the Banks Family Patriarch, Lord Banks.

Lord Banks’s intestines are almost regretful at this time, and he lamented in his heart: “I knew this abbas Army was so unbearable in front of Charlie. Eight-carriage sedan chair invited me to Yeling Mountain, and I would never come… “

“It turned out to be good. I ran so far with my own mother and filial piety, and finally I jumped into the fire pit…”

“I don’t know how to end it now, I don’t know if I can find a chance to sneak away quietly…”

Just when Lord Banks’s heart was depressed, Charlie pointed to him in the crowd, who was also kneeling in the crowd with sackcloth and filial piety, and said indifferently: “Lord Banks, don’t you old dog, don’t think about slipping away, just kneel down for me. I have to settle accounts with you slowly!”

When Lord Banks heard this, he was frightened and begged: “MR. Wade…MR. Wade… this… there is nothing wrong with me here, I… I just come to worship Manar and his wife, and I have nothing else. Meaning!”

Charlie frowned: “Come, you explain to me, why come to my father’s grave when you worship Manar and his wife?”

“I…I…” Lord Banks suddenly didn’t know how to explain, shaking his whole body in panic, as if he had won Parkinson in an instant.

Charlie asked him: “Why? you dare to come to my father’s grave with sackcloth and filial piety, and dare to admit that I’m watching the show?”

Lord Banks cried and defended his face forcibly: “MR. Wade, you really misunderstood me. I didn’t mean that…”

Charlie sneered: “You didn’t expect to run to the big show, but the stage collapsed? I ask you, do you regret it now?”

Lord Banks’s expression was uglier than that of his dead father, and he stubbornly said: “MR. Wade…I…I really didn’t come to the show…I…My son Zayne has a good relationship with Manar and his wife, so I Coming to worship is also out of sentimentality, but I didn’t expect such things to happen…this is all a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding…”

“Misunderstanding?” Charlie asked coldly: “It’s all this time, you still want to make strong words, I think your Banks Family Patriarch’s IQ is not high!”

Lord Banks’s heart of death is all there, and he lamented in his heart: “This is not a question of my IQ level, but I really don’t have any good reasons…”

Seeing his uncomfortable expression, Charlie pointed at the Wanlong Palace soldier beside Lord Banks and said coldly: “You, give me a slap on his mouth!”

“Subordinates obey!” The man finished speaking, grabbing Lord Banks by the collar, and drawing a few big mouths from left to right.

How can Lord Banks suffer this, crying and shouting: “I am the Patriarch of the Banks Family! I am a global business elite! I am a well-known figure in the country but the whole world! How can you be so presumptuous to me!”

Charlie sneered, and said lightly: “Patriarch Banks Family? Sorry, you used to be, not now!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3667 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3667 )


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