The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3672 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3672 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3672 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3672 )

Charlie didn’t intentionally scare Lord Banks.

Before today, he originally wanted to kill Abbas and Lord Banks together.

However, after Abbas went up to Yeling Mountain, he changed his mind.

He knows that Abbas is too arrogant, but at least he still has filial piety to his parents and the righteousness to his comrades.

Thinking that he will inevitably go to Europe and the United States in the future, he must also have a strong enough team, so he changed his mind to use the abbas Army and the entire Wanlong Palace for his own use.

Now that the abbas Army has been collected, it doesn’t make much sense to kill Lord Banks this bad old man alone, so it’s better to force him to give way to Zara banks, and from then on completely solve the Banks Family’s troubles.

Charlie believes in Zara banks’s personality, and also believes in Zara banks’s abilities. If she can let her sit in the position of Patriarch, she will definitely be able to handle the things inside and outside the Banks Family.

At that time, the Banks Family will no longer be the enemy of the wade family, but an ally of Charlie.

Lord Banks also understood what Charlie thought, and calmed down completely. He looked at Zara banks and said seriously: “Zara banks, Mr. wade is right. There is really no one in the Banks Family more suitable to sit in this position than you. I will take this position as soon as possible. Complete all the formalities and put the Banks Family in your hands. From now on, the fate of the Banks Family will depend on you!”

Zara banks hesitated for a moment, and said, “Grandpa, I understand.”

Having said that, she looked at Charlie and said piously and firmly: “Please rest assured, my benefactor, I will go all out!”

Charlie nodded slightly and said, “In this case, wait for the formalities to be signed later today.”

After speaking, Charlie looked at Zayne again, and said: “And you, as I said before, this time will let you come back. In addition to passing the confession in front of my parents, he also has to finish everything with Aunt deana. The divorce procedures, I will also have someone prepare the relevant procedures for you to sign later today.”

Zayne knew that this marriage between him and Deana could no longer be restored.

Moreover, with Charlie exerting pressure here, it is impossible for him to drag it.

So, he nodded sullenly, and said, “Okay… I sign…”

After speaking, he asked Charlie expectantly: “Mr. wade, you said at the beginning that as long as Zara banks sits in the position of Banks Family Patriarch within three years, let me come back. Now Zara banks will soon inherit the Banks Family. Should I come back?”

Charlie nodded, and said: “I did say this at the beginning. It’s okay if you want to come back, but in order to avoid any interference with Zara banks’s next decision, even if you come back, I must arrange for someone. For residential surveillance, the location must be determined by me.”

Zayne said with a weeping face: “Mr. wade, you… this is a bit inappropriate… you said clearly before, as long as Zara banks becomes the master of the house, let me be free…”

Charlie said coldly: “Don’t forget who contributed to Zara banks being the Patriarch.”

After that, he said again: “Since you want to cheat on me, it doesn’t matter.”

Charlie looked at Lord Banks at this time and said lightly: “When Grandpa banks signed the relevant documents this time, he changed the overall system of the Banks Family by the way. From now on, Zara banks is not the head of the Banks Family, but the director of the Banks Family group. long.”

How dare Lord Banks disobey Charlie, and said quickly: “No problem! No problem! Anyway, from a legal perspective, the title of Patriarch is not tenable. What really stands is the chairmanship and voting rights on the board of directors. How many.”

Charlie nodded, looked at Zayne, and said: “Then I’m sorry, your daughter is the chairman of the bank Group this time, not the Banks Family Patriarch, so I can only work hard for you to return to Syria and stay for a few years. Yes, but don’t worry, I’ll say hello to Hamid and ask him to give you some special care.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3672 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3672 )


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