The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3677 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3677 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3677 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3677 )

As soon as Salmaan heard this, he burst into tears and choked out: “Please don’t worry, Mr. wade! The subordinates will definitely go through the fire and water for you in the future…”

Chen  ‘s consciousness had already been closed again, and he stood indifferently in place for a while.

But his consciousness, trapped in his body, was already extremely excited at this time!

For him, as long as the days of not being able to survive and death can end, he will have no complaints about what he can do.

Abbas did not expect that Charlie would have let go of his two deep-hearted comrades in arms, and said with gratitude: “Mr. wade, your great kindness, they will definitely not forget!”

Charlie nodded slightly and said, “Listen, what happened today, Wanlongdian will let out the wind with the Wade Family later, saying that the misunderstanding between the two companies has been completely resolved, and the Wanlongdian and wade will later release their suspicions. , There will no longer be any new hatreds and old hatreds. As for what happened today, no one in Wanlong Palace shall disclose it to the outside world!”

Abbas said immediately: “The subordinate will announce it later!”

Charlie nodded, and said: “By then, the outside world will definitely guess how the Wade Family escaped this disaster. Wanlongdian will let out the wind at that time, saying that the Wade Family has given up half of the equity of the Wade Family Group to Wan. Longdian, in exchange for Wanlongdian’s understanding!”

The abbasArmy and all the soldiers in the Wanlong Palace were extremely puzzled.

But Abbas understood that Charlie must have his reason for doing this, and all he had to do was to execute 100% of any instructions he gave, and don’t ask too much.

So, he immediately said respectfully: “Mr. wade, don’t worry, your subordinates will announce what you said!”

Lord Wade was very confused and asked hurriedly, “Charlie, this is the best chance for you to officially return to the Wade Family. If you declare to the public that Wanlongdian has been loyal to you, then the Wade Family’s limelight is absolutely unmatched in China. A good opportunity, why should you make others think that we, Ye Jia, have been softened?”

Charlie said lightly: “The Wanlong Palace will be an unexpected weapon in my hand in the future. If the news of the Wanlong Palace is conquered, it will be released directly. , On the contrary, it is very likely that other forces will pay attention to or watch it!”

“Instead of this, it’s better to keep a low profile and hide it deeply! Let the outside think that the Wade Family has bowed to the Wanlong Temple to be softened and severely injured. This will not only let the hidden enemies relax, if there is any need for a big battle in the future. When the Wanlong Palace goes out, it can also attack its unpreparedness and surprise!”

Lord Wade understood Charlie’s intentions, and hurriedly asked: “Charlie, aren’t you ready to announce your official return to the Wade Family this time?”

Charlie opened his mouth and said: “For the time being, before I have to make an announcement, I will first find out the truth about the murders of my parents, and also find a chance to touch the bottom of the Rothschild family, before I can sort out my eyes. , Can’t take the initiative to expose oneself, and can’t take the initiative to surrender the enemy’s strategic advantage of being self-confident.”

Lord Wade nodded lightly and asked him, “Charlie, how do I announce the change of the Wade Family Patriarch?”

Charlie said: “This matter does not need to be announced deliberately. In the future, I will actually take the charge of the Wade Family’s major and minor affairs, but on the face of it, you are still the Wade Family’s head.”

Lord Wade agreed and said, “Okay! Then I won’t announce it for the time being.”

Charlie looked at the people behind him again, arched his hands, and said seriously: “Everyone! Thank you very much for being able to come to Yeling Mountain for Charlie today, but please do me a favor. Don’t leave today. What happened in the mountain leaked out!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3677 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3677 )


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