The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3680 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3680 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3680 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3680 )

Charlie’s original plan was to bring out a rejuvenating pill to Helena.

Half of them will be treated for Helena, and the other half will be taken back by her to the dying Nordic queen.

As long as she can return to Northern Europe to see the queen, divide the remaining half of the rejuvenating pills into two parts, and give the queen one part first, it will definitely make the queen wake up from a deep coma.

At that time, it is completely possible to use the other half as a condition to let the empress give her the throne.

Seeing the effects of Rejuvenating Pill, the queen will definitely do her best to help her rise to the top.

Charlie believed that for an old man who was deeply unconscious and dyingly ill, to wake up again would be tantamount to living again.

Therefore, she will definitely cherish this opportunity extremely.

If she can get the second rejuvenation pill, her life will be healthy for several years or even longer. I believe she will not be able to resist this temptation.

But now Charlie suddenly heard that Helena’s sister named Olivia was actually going to marry the Rothschild family.

This is a good opportunity to get in touch with the Rothschild family in advance.

Therefore, he even wanted to visit Northern Europe in person to see what the purpose of the intermarriage between the Rothschild family and the Nordic royal family was, and to touch the line of the Rothschild family by the way.

When Helena heard Charlie say that she wanted to go to Northern Europe with herself, she was naturally ecstatic.

She witnessed Charlie’s strength with her own eyes, knowing that if Charlie went out, she would surely be able to successfully ascend to the throne!

At that time, not only will he be able to rescue his mother, but he will also be completely ashamed!

So, she said to Charlie gratefully: “Mr. wade, thank you!”

Charlie waved his hand, looked at the people around him, and said, “Thank you all for coming to Yeling Mountain in spite of the danger. Most of you have come from afar. It is better to go to the Shangri-La Hotel to rest later. Let’s go to Northern Europe first. Before I leave, I would like to host a banquet at Shangri-La to thank you all, and please show your face and participate!”

Nanako Ito hurriedly said: “Charlie, you don’t have to worry about us if you have business matters, and we didn’t help when we came over this time. Why can’t you afford to host a banquet in person? Thank you…”

Charlie said very seriously:, we Chinese people pay attention to love and justice. Although today I am fighting with the Wanlong Palace, I did not let you meet with the Wanlong Palace, but you are still willing to help at this time. My Charlie’s affection is more important than a daughter in my eyes.”

Orrin Sun stood up at this time and said with a smile: “Everyone, when you gather here today, they all regard Charlie as a friend, confidant or even family member. Since Charlie said that, you might as well wait a moment in Eastcliff. After the Wade Family’s ancestor worship ceremony, we will have a few drinks with Charlie!”

When Grandpa moore heard this, he said, “Since Master wade has said so, moore will wait for Master wade to finish the ancestor worship ceremony, and drink together!”

Ito Yuihiko also said: “Mr. wade! Please prepare more Chinese wine tonight! Or get drunk next time!”

Charlie smiled and said, “Mr. Ito, don’t worry, you will have enough good wine!”

Afterwards, Charlie looked at Jasmine Moore again and said, “Jasmine, you have worked hard to arrange the bus when you arrive and send everyone to Shangri-La to take a rest.”

Jasmine Moore immediately agreed and said softly: “Master wade can rest assured, Wanting will arrange everyone.”

“Okay.” Charlie once again arched his hands to everyone, clasped his fists and said: “Everyone, I will go to the hotel for the Wade Family Ancestor Ceremony later, and you will go to the hotel to rest first. After the Ancestor Ceremony is over, I will pass as soon as possible!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3680 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3680 )


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