The Amazing Son in Law Chapter 3682 (The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3682 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3682 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3682 )

Cynthia Wade is indeed very smart.

She knew that when so many people had the same crime, whoever confessed their mistake first would have the upper hand.

Moreover, she knew much more about Charlie’s deeds than others, and she had experienced more personally.

She had heard of Charlie’s way of arranging several masters from the Wu family in Southaven before.

At that time, he asked Don Albert to engrave on the foreheads of those people. Whoever admits the punishment first will engrave the least words. Every time one person is postponed, the number of words will be increased by one.

In the end, it is said that the engraving on his forehead was not enough.

With these lessons learned, how could Cynthia Wade allow others to kneel in front of her?

Charlie did not expect that Cynthia Wade knelt so fast, so he said: “You are my aunt, and my elders are still my elders. Even if I am now the head of the Wade Family, the distinction between elders and children cannot be messed up, so you Don’t kneel to me, kneel, also kneel to the ancestors and ancestors of the Wade Family!”

Cynthia Wade’s brain reacted extremely fast, and he immediately adjusted the direction with his knees while kneeling, looking at bruces grave not far away.

Immediately afterwards, she slammed her head to the ground, crying and said, “The ancestors and the ancestors are up! Cynthia Wade, the unscrupulous descendant, failed to put the face of the ancestors and the ancestors and the interests of the Wade Family in the first place today, and it was almost impossible. Selling ancestors for glory and acknowledging thieves as fathers are really ashamed of their ancestors and their ancestors, and not regretting their death! I also ask the ancestors and ancestors to condemn their sins!”

Cynthia Wade was completely convinced now.

What dignity, what face, what old princess, old baby’s bad temper, all disappeared at this moment.

She knew that the most important thing at the moment was to obtain Charlie’s forgiveness, otherwise, Charlie could make herself, the married daughter of Wade Family, get out of Wade Family immediately.

In that case, I was really exhausted.

Seeing Cynthia Wade doing this way, Charlie felt a little funny.

However, he nodded approvingly on his face, and said: “You can be the first to admit your mistakes and take the initiative to confess to the ancestors of the Wade Family. It proves that you are more conscious than others. It should be done lightly!”

As soon as Charlie said this, Corran, Jon Wade, Myles, MylesBrenden and others rushed to the front of bruce’s grave one by one, rushing to the middle position and knelt on the ground. Without saying anything, he began to kowtow desperately to admit his mistakes.

Suddenly, the rhythm of these people’s desperate kowtow was the same as the Liang pumping unit commonly known as the kowtow machine used to extract oil, which looked quite funny.

Charlie didn’t speak, but looked at them with expressionless kowtow and confession.

Charlie knew very well in his heart that aunt Cynthia Wade really took it. Since she really took it, she will naturally stay in the Wade Family and work for the Wade Family in the future. But the group of people in front of them are full of intestines, everyone. Can’t be merciless!

This group of people smashed for a long time, and the more they smashed, the more painful they were, and the more they smashed, the more they were bottomless.

They originally thought that as long as they showed a positive and religious attitude, Charlie would definitely be open to Cynthia Wade.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 3682 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 3682 )


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