The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4092 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4092 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4092 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4092 )

charlie knew that money was definitely better for Elaine than the Statue of Liberty.

Seeing Elaine now forget about the American dream, she smiled and said, “Mom, when did I have fun with you? Don’t worry, as long as you recuperate and recuperate in Aurous Hill, I will definitely cash out the 500,000 yuan in the first place. !”

Elaine immediately said happily: “Good son-in-law! Then we can make a decision! You can’t go back on anything you say!”

charlie smiled and said: “Mom, don’t worry, I won’t go back, I will definitely give you the money before Claire and I go to the United States!”

“Okay!” Elaine said without hesitation: “If this is the case, then I won’t follow you to the United States so far!”

charlie finally breathed a sigh of relief, visible to the naked eye, the wife Claire on the side was also relieved a lot at this moment, as if a hanging heart finally let go.

Claire said to charlie with a relaxed look at this time: “Husband, in this case, then I will give Kaili a clear answer and tell her that I will go to this master class.”

charlie nodded and said with a smile: “Hurry up and give her a reply, and then quickly confirm the itinerary. I will arrange the time and book the ticket by the way.”

Claire nodded repeatedly, and said excitedly: “I’m going to call her now!”

After speaking, he immediately took his cell phone and ran out of the house happily and went to the yard.

A few minutes later, she returned with excitement and said to charlie: “Husband, I have confirmed with Kaili, we can set off on the 28th at the end of the month!”

charlie breathed a sigh of relief when he heard the 28th. The auction time was set on the 25th, just enough to give himself a few days to close.

So charlie said without hesitation: “Okay, then I’ll book the flight ticket on the 28th. By the way, I book the hotel near the Rhode Island School of Design and leave on the 28th.”

“Great!” Claire circulated happily, and said excitedly: “Then I will start packing our luggage tomorrow!”

In fact, charlie was more or less resistant to going to the United States.

This is mainly because his grandfather’s family is rooted in the United States and his family has a big business. He is afraid that he will be known by his grandfather’s family after he arrives in the United States.

charlie didn’t have any enmity with his grandfather’s family, just because, after her mother had some conflicts with her family about marrying her father, she was somewhat alienated from her grandfather’s family.

Therefore, he remembered that the number of times he had met with his grandparents was only a handful.

Later, when his parents died, charlie was hidden by Stephen Thompson in the Aurous Hill Welfare Institute. He and his grandfather and grandmother’s family were completely disconnected. Now, it has been nearly 20 years.

Therefore, he is even more alienated from his grandpa and grandmother’s family in his heart, and he doesn’t want to disturb his grandpa and grandmother’s life.

However, since going to Rhode Island School of Design is his wife’s ideal in life, he can only choose to go with his wife in order to let his wife do what he wants.

In charlie’s view, if I went to the United States this time, it would be best to avoid any intersection with my grandparents’ family.

However, if the two sides inevitably have some intersection, then they can only have a polite greeting at that time, and the only thing to pay attention to is not to let his wife Claire know.

charlie is accustomed to being alone. Although it is not a social phobia, he has some resistance to most social activities. If it is just a greeting between relatives due to affection, it will be very serious for him. Uncomfortable, I’d rather not have any contact, and I don’t want everyone to say polite greetings to each other.

Moreover, charlie also knew it.

He felt that his grandpa and grandma were alienated from him, not to mention that after so many years, his mother had long been gone. I am afraid that grandpa and grandma were equally alienated from him.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4092 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4092 )


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