The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4106 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4106 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4106 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4106 )

This will not only repay Claire’s favor, it will also allow Jian to live for two more years, and it will also allow him to be more and more courageous in the next two years of the Rejuvenation Pill auction.

Claire was a little ignorant of charlie’s words, but out of trust in him, he didn’t have any doubts.

So she said to charlie: “Husband, you can send me to the Aurous Hill International Hotel. Kaili and Miss Zhan live there. I will give Kaili a gift first.”

“Okay.” charlie nodded and said with a smile: “Send you to Aurous Hill International Hotel, and I will deal with this batch of goods.”

After charlie sent Claire away, he immediately drove to Shangri-La.

On the way to Shangri-La, charlie called the old father-in-law Jacob. As soon as he connected, charlie asked him: “Dad, can you still contact Zhang Ermao, who specializes in selling antiques on Antique Street?”

Jacob said angrily: “Don’t mention that Zhang Ermao. Later, I collected some good things and looked for him several times. He played with me and disappeared. Later, he even changed his mobile phone number. I heard that this grandson is still in antiques. Buying and selling on the street, but the whole world can find him, but I can’t find him, it’s damn weird.”

charlie couldn’t help but laughed, jokingly: “Then I guess Zhang Ermao is avoiding you deliberately.”

Jacob asked back: “Then why do you say he hides from me? I haven’t provided him with good things.”

charli said, Zhang Ermao would have to pay a big price for the tattered pair you bought. If you come and go, the little money Zhang Ermao made by cheating almost goes into your pocket.

But he didn’t say more, he smiled and said, “I guess this Zhang Ermao is a little bit confused. I’ll find someone else to inquire about it.”

Jacob asked curiously: “charlie, what are you looking for Zhang Ermao for?”

charlie said casually: “Oh, a friend wanted to buy some antiques, so I thought of him.”

Jacob hurriedly said, “Zhang Ermao doesn’t have any good things in his hands. You might as well ask your friend to buy them at Jiqingtang. The things there are still relatively high-end.”

“Okay.” charlie agreed casually, and said: “Then I will tell him to go and hang up first, Dad.”

After hanging up Jacob’s phone, charlie called Don Albert again.

As soon as the phone was connected, he commanded: “Don Albert, you ask your little brother to go to Antique Street to find me a guy named Zhang Ermao, and say that I have something to do with him, and ask him to come to Shangri-La to see me with all his fake antiques. .”

Don Albert didn’t understand what charlie meant, but he immediately agreed and said: “Okay, Master wade, wait a moment, I’ll let someone find it.”

Don Albert’s subordinates are located in all walks of life and every corner of Aurous Hill. The hugely profitable market like Antique Street is even more indispensable for his subordinates to get involved.

Therefore, with a call from Don Albert, the leader who specializes in Antique Street immediately went to the street and found Zhang Ermao who was setting up a stall.

Zhang Ermao was not afraid of anyone in Aurous Hill, only Jacob, so seeing the boss of Antique Street approaching, not only was he not afraid, but he greeted enthusiastically, “How come Ge Kui has time to visit my booth?”

The man known as Ge Kui, whose full name is Dong Kui, is a subordinate of Caesar, one of Don’s May Fourth Heavenly Kings.

His site is around Antique Street. Small vendors like Zhang Ermao who like to cheat people have to rely on Dong Kui to cover him on weekdays to avoid being beaten.

Dong Kui looked at Zhang Ermao and asked, “Zhang Ermao, let me ask you, do you know Master charlie?”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4106 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4106 )


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