The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4107 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4107 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4107 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4107 )

Master Wade?” Zhang Ermao shrank his neck, and the first picture in his mind was the situation when charlie killed master.

So he quickly asked: “Brother , you…do you know Master Wade?”

Dong Kui arched his hand and said, “Master Wade is my elder brother’s eldest brother-don, who is very respected. Although my small character has been with Master Wade for a long time, I haven’t had a chance to meet Master Wade. .”

Zhang Ermao couldn’t hold back the four words after hearing the words “Master Wade has been a long time”. He laughed and said, “Puff.”

Seeing this, Dong Kui slapped him on the head and cursed: “What the hell are you laughing at! Is there a problem with Laozi admiring Master Wade?”

Zhang Ermao hurriedly said, “Brother Kui, you must have no problem admiring Master Wade. The term “sacred friendship” is not appropriate to use here. It applies to two people with similar identities, status and styles of affairs…”

When Dong Kui heard this, he hurriedly said: “If it’s done, don’t say it, I don’t say anything except worship Master Wade!”

As he said, he looked at Zhang Ermao and said: “However, Zhang Ermao, you old boy! You can still know Master Wade! Master Wade just told Don Albert to send someone to look for you, saying that he is looking for you!”

Zhang Ermao asked in surprise, “Master Wade has something to do with me? Brother Kui, are you kidding me.”

Dong Kui cursed and said, “I am so f*cking damned, I came to make a joke with you!”

As he said, Dong Kui pointed to the pile of fake antiques on his booth and urged: “Hurry up and pack all your things, and I will take you to see Master Wade!”

Zhang Ermao said hurriedly and diligently: “Good, good, Kui brother, wait a moment, I’ll clean up!”

Soon, Zhang Ermao took the pile of fake antiques that he ate, and followed Dong Kui to Shangri-La non-stop.

As soon as the car arrived at the gate of Shangri-La, it was stopped by the master of Wanlong Hall.

Don Albert immediately stepped forward to communicate and brought Zhang Ermao in.

Even if charlie personally said that there was something to do with Zhang Ermao, the soldiers of the Wanlong Palace did a very detailed security check for Zhang Ermao and all the things he carried with him, and only let Don Albert make sure he had no problems. Take him in.

Zhang Ermao is usually a small vendor who begs for food in Antique Street. He has no skill or strength.

When encountering Dong Kui on Antique Street, he had to nod his head and bow his head and look flattery. Now that he sees the big man Don Albert, he is even more nervous.

Seeing that he was always staggering while walking, Don Albert couldn’t help but urged: “I said, brother, you should hurry up, what are you doing?”

Zhang Ermao hurried a few steps, and asked nervously: “Fifth Master and Five Masters…I am next to Zhang Ermao. I have admired you for a long time, and have never had a chance to meet you…”

Don Albert waved his hand and said: “You know Master Wade, it is more useful than knowing me. Don’t worry, I will say hello to Caesar after today and let his little brother take care of you in Antique Street.”

When Zhang Ermao heard this, he was suddenly overwhelmed with excitement, and he bowed and said, “Thank you so much, Lord Five!”

Don Albert said hurriedly, “Don’t thank me, you have to thank Master Wade if you want to thank you, but I am totally looking at Master Wade’s face.”

“Yes, yes!” Zhang Ermao hurriedly said, “Thank you, Master Wade! Thank you, Lord !”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4107 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4107 )


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