The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4110 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4110 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4110 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4110 )

The butler nodded gently and said: “Since the Nordic royal family has released the medical records of the old queen, I am afraid that the high society in Europe is very eager for rejuvenation. The auction will be extremely competitive the day after tomorrow.”

Bernard Elnor coughed a few times and said weakly: “I can’t manage that much anymore. The two lobectomy procedures have already caused a serious decline in my physical fitness. If this continues, I may not live for five years. Years, so this rejuvenation pill, I am determined to win it!”

As he said, Bernard Elno added: “The organizer’s arrangement this time is also very cunning. They first divide a rejuvenation pill into four, and auction the four rejuvenation pills on the spot, and they will also let the bidding. Winners take it on the spot. By then, I will have the opportunity to witness the actual effect of the rejuvenating pills. If a quarter of the rejuvenating pills can have obvious effects, then I can bid for the final finale with more confidence. Rejuvenation pill!”

Bernard Elno suffered from early stage lung cancer several years ago. Because it was discovered early, the doctor performed a lobectomy and removed one of his five lung lobes.

What he didn’t expect was that only two years later, he found a lung tumor again, so on the doctor’s recommendation, he performed a second lobectomy.

Now, although the tumor in his body has been completely removed, he also lost two lung lobes, which greatly reduced his physical condition.

Moreover, Bernard Elno also has to worry about the comeback of cancer cells. After all, he has already relapsed once. If he does it again, he may not be able to use the radical treatment method of resection, and can only choose palliative therapy. If so, his lifespan will also be greatly reduced.

So this time, he is also bound to win the Rejuvenation Pill.

At this moment, the door bell rang suddenly in the room.

Bernard Elnor’s butler immediately got up and went to the door to open a gap.

At this time, standing outside the door were two men, one tall and one short.

The taller one is charlie, and the shorter one is Zhang Ermao.

The housekeeper saw that charlie didn’t wear the clothes of a waiter, so he asked in surprise, “Who are you?”

charlie said indifferently: “I am the business director of the auction organizer. There are some things that I need to come over and talk to Mr. Ernault.”

The butler asked suspiciously: “How do you prove that you are a staff member? Do you have relevant documents?”

charlie smiled and said: “You must have seen it when you came. Now the entire Shangri-La is under martial law. It is impossible to enter without internal staff, and I will not hide it from you. I came here this time as a representative. Our boss is here, and there are very important things that must be communicated to Mr. Elnor in advance, otherwise it will affect Mr. Elnor’s participation in the auction the day after tomorrow.”

When the housekeeper heard charlie say this, the guard in his heart dissipated a lot.

When they came, they did see the security work of the hotel. Every passenger who came in had to check their luggage, do a full set of security checks and check in. It was indeed very strict. If it weren’t for the staff, it would be impossible to get in.

So he opened the door and brought the two in. At the same time, he introduced to Bernard Elno on the sofa: “Sir, these two are the staff of the auction, saying that there is something important to tell you. Interview.”

Bernard Elno nodded slightly, seeing charlie and Zhang Ermao, one with his head held up and his expression indifferent, and the other with a little nervousness, so he guessed that the tall charlie must be the two of them. The person in charge.

So he looked at charlie and said: “Mr., if you have anything, please tell me straight.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4110 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4110 )


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