The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4125 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4125 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4125 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4125 )

This is the first time Vivian has seen the store manager so uneasy.

In his impression, the manager of himself is extremely capable, and he can often turn the rich men and rich women around, not only let them pay out of their pockets obediently, but also make them grateful.

Therefore, in Vivian’s eyes, the store manager is his idol and life goal.

Since Vivian entered this store, his three views have changed drastically.

If it hadn’t been for a job in a luxury store, Vivian would not have dreamed that those wealthy people who usually prey on ordinary people and have noses and eyes would cater to and please the salespersons in luxury stores in every way.

If it weren’t for working in a luxury store, Vivian wouldn’t know. In this store, whether you are a big boss, Mrs. Kuo, or a junior with a monthly pocket money of more than one million, you have to look at sales when you come. Clerk’s face.

Want a best-selling bag? I’m sorry, if you can’t speak or ask for help, the answer to you will always be lukewarm: I’m sorry, this one is out of stock now.

What if you have money in this absolute seller’s market?

In the past, salespersons were proud of knowing rich people, but now the world has changed. Instead, many so-called ladies and ladies are proud of knowing sisters. They not only have to work hard to build relationships with sales, but also to help sales. , I have to stuff some red envelopes, have a big meal, or give some expensive gifts every three times to maintain the relationship between myself and my sister.

The most disgusting thing is that many so-called ladies and ladies are proud to share their experience of ingratiating or even kneeling and licking those elder sisters on the Internet platform. It is really magical to the extreme.

Therefore, Vivian is extremely passionate about his job, and because of this job he is extremely complacent, and his biggest goal is to one day become a store manager himself.

Once you become a store manager, you can basically hold all the best-selling items in the store. At that time, the rich people in the city will come to kneel and lick themselves.

The more so, the more he couldn’t understand what had happened to make the store manager so nervous.

So he ran out of the maternity room in the mall. As soon as he left the door, he saw two anxious women standing in front of the maternity room. Each woman was holding a baby waiting to be fed in her arms.

The two mothers were waiting at the door of the mother-infant room to breastfeed their children. Seeing that the mother-infant room was in use, they thought there were other mothers breastfeeding their children, but they did not expect to walk out of the room as soon as the door was opened. A man with a strong perfume smell and a little enchanting dress.

This made them a little angry, and one of the mothers scolded: “What’s the matter with you? Old man, what are you doing to the maternity room if you have nothing to do?”

Vivian shook Lanhua’s finger in disdain, and said, “I want you to control? Who are you?”

The mother angrily reprimanded: “Look clearly! This is the maternity room! It is specially prepared for mothers and babies. What qualifications do you have to occupy?!”

Vivian said proudly with her nostrils up to the sky, “It’s great to have a child? Everyone has to let you have a child? Who is used to this stinking problem for you? Can’t you stay at home honestly if you have a child? Come out and add to the society. What a trouble, it’s annoying!”

The mother was very annoyed. Seeing that he had a badge on his chest, she immediately stepped forward and said, “Which store are you from? I’m going to your store to complain to you!”

When Vivian heard this, his heart was agitated, so he hurriedly ran away with oil on the soles of his feet.

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4125 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4125 )


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