The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4131 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4131 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4131 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4131 )

Hearing this, Fei Kexin couldn’t help but burst into laughter.

She really didn’t expect that charlie’s means of making money would be omnipotent.

A treadmill in the district is only a few thousand dollars even for a top brand, and the highest is no more than 10,000 US dollars. But charlie only provides a few days of use, so he will charge about 100,000 US dollars. It can really be said to be expensive. .

Jian couldn’t help sighing at this time: “This Shangri-La is a standard slaughterhouse for the rich. There are so many ways to collect money that you can’t imagine.”

Fei Kexin hurriedly said to comfort: “Grandpa’s money is actually nothing at all, you don’t need to be too much, you can take it easy if you care about it.”

“Yes.” Jian said angrily, “I also understand the principle of peace when it comes, but I didn’t expect them to have such a lower limit. It really subverts the three views.”

After that, Jian asked again: according to my actual experience here, I feel that this behind-the-scenes boss is a profiteer who sees money and seeks only for profit. Will you be effective if you engage in favoritism with such a person? ?”

Fei Kexin thought for a moment and said, “Grandpa, according to my observation, the Master wade behind the scenes does not seem to be a mercenary person, otherwise it is impossible to hide his identity all the time, I guess he just wants to take this opportunity to knock on these Rich people’s bamboo sticks.”

After speaking, she added: “You also said that Grandpa Orion Exeor once got a Huichundan from him because of chance, and he never asked Grandpa Orion Exeor for a penny. According to the current trend, Huichundan is auctioned off. The price at the meeting will definitely exceed 10 billion US dollars, and a person who can give away 10 billion US dollars casually doesn’t look like a mercenary person…”

Immediately, Fei Kexin continued: “He is now trying his best to ask for money from you, at most 10 million yuan per person, and two hundred people even counted as less than 2 billion yuan, which is equivalent to more than 300 million U.S. dollars. , not even one-thirtieth of the actual value of Huichundan, so I guess he just wanted to make things difficult for you and kill your prestige.”

Jian hesitated for a while, and said with some approval: “It makes sense for you to analyze this way. After all, Huichundan is invaluable. Don’t think that I have received a lot of favors from your grandfather Orion Exeor. Even if it was me, I would not be willing to Something worth tens of billions of dollars is for you, Grandpa Orion Exeor.”

Fei Kexin smiled slightly and said with relief: “So Grandpa, don’t have too many negative emotions. You must try your best to be low-key and humble at Shangri-La, and don’t have any disputes with their staff. As for my side, it seems that everything is progressing. It went relatively smoothly, and the results are worth looking forward to.”

“Okay!” Jian felt a lot more relaxed and said with a smile: “KeXin, it seems that you have made great progress in this period of time. Your previous personality was not as low-key and calm as it is now.”

Fei Kexin smiled and said seriously: “Grandpa, when I first came to Huaxia, I still had a strong sense of superiority in my heart, and I always felt that everything could be planned, but when I came to Aurous Hill, I realized what it means to be outside the people. There are people, there are heavens! The real powerhouses are often hidden in the market, and usually do not reveal half of it at all, so keep a low profile and humility at all times.”

Speaking of this, she couldn’t help sighing: “Unfortunately, I understand this truth a little late. If it could have been earlier, Mr. Luo might not have disappeared…”

Thinking of the missing Luo, Jian couldn’t help but sigh and said, “I have already given Mr. Luo’s family a settlement fee of 100 million US dollars. If he can’t find his whereabouts, I will give his family another one. A lot of money, so that they have no worries in this life.”

Fei Kexin said, “That’s the only way it can be at the moment.”

After that, she looked at the time and said, “Grandpa, you should have a good rest in the hotel first. I will continue to mediate outside these two days. When the auction ends, no matter what the result is, I will try to arrange for you to follow Meet Master wade.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4131 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4131 )


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