The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4133 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4133 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4133 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4133 )

After Orion Exeor checked in in the administrative building, he had been waiting for charlie to contact him.

When he came to Aurous Hill this time, he knew that he did not have the economic strength to compete with these top rich people, so the only purpose of coming to Aurous Hill this time was to meet charlie.

Therefore, when Isaac Cameron contacted him, he said without hesitation, “Please tell Young Master Wade that I will be waiting for his driver at any time.”

Hearing this, charlie did not delay, and directly asked Isaac Cameron to take him to the administrative building and to Orion Exeor’s room.

As soon as they met, charlie said respectfully, “Mr. Exeor, we meet again.”

Orion Exeor hurriedly bowed his hands, bowed at the same time, and said respectfully, “Young Master Wade, it’s your courtesy!”

charlie hurriedly stretched out his hand to help, and said in his mouth, “Mr. Exeor is too polite, how can I accept your gift!”

Orion Exeor said with a serious face: “Young Master Wade, your destiny is higher than mine, and you have been kind to me. It is only natural for me to see you salute.”

After that, he quickly said to charlie, “Master Wade, please come in and talk!”

charlie nodded, then turned to Isaac Cameron and said, “isaac, I have a few words with Mr. Exeor, you go back first.”

Isaac Cameron said respectfully, “Good young master.”

After that, he said to Orion Exeor again, “Mr. Exeor, the younger generation will retire first.”

Orion Exeor cupped his hands at him: “isaac, walk slowly.”

After Isaac Cameron left, charlie walked into his room with Orion Exeor.

This is an executive luxury suite with an area of ​​more than 200 square meters, and the living room alone occupies nearly 100 square meters.

At this time, on the coffee table in the living room, there was already a set of purple sand tea set, and in addition, there was an incense burner made of bronze.

Orion Exeor asked charlie to sit down on the sofa, while he boiled water to prepare tea, took out a piece of wood the size of a palm, and then used a delicate silver knife to gently scrape a little powder on the piece of wood.

Afterwards, he took out a set of exquisite copper tools, first used the tools to flatten and compact the incense ash in the incense burner, then poured the powder scraped from the wood onto the incense ash, and pressed it into a lotus shape with the tools .

charlie recognized the set of things he used, and this was the famous Zhuanxiang.

Most people who like to burn incense directly buy processed incense sticks or incense sticks, but there are still some people who are particular about pressing seal incense by themselves.

Most of the materials used to suppress seal incense are leftovers of agarwood or sandalwood, which can be considered waste and the cost will not be too high.

But Orion Exeor used a large piece of agarwood, which surprised charlie.

Because the price of large pieces of agarwood is still very expensive in the market, if the price is calculated by gram weight, it is much more expensive than gold.

If such a piece of agarwood is carved into Buddhist images such as Buddha, Bodhisattva, or Tara, it can sell for at least a few hundred thousand.

At this time, Orion Exeor ignited the seal incense pressed into the shape of a lotus with a match, and said to charlie with a smile: “Master Wade, you shouldn’t reject the smell of agarwood, right?”

charlie smiled slightly, looked at the wisp of blue smoke rising into the sky, and at the same time smelled the unique aroma of agarwood when it was ignited, only felt extremely comfortable, and said, “Old Mr. Exeor is really elegant, this kind of Zhuanxiang, when I was with my mother when I was a child, I smelled it in her light, and after so many years, I smelled it again, and the aftertaste is endless.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4133 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4133 )


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