The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4134 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4134 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4134 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4134 )

Orion Exeor nodded and said seriously: “Your mother is very famous in the United States. It is said that when she was alive, she spared no effort to promote traditional Chinese culture in the United States. Many noble ladies in the upper class in the United States are proud to follow her example. , I have been fond of seal incense for many years, and the price of agarwood in the United States has been stable for decades, until your mother’s seal incense was highly sought after by the upper class, and the price of this agarwood in the United States more than doubled in one year.”

charlie asked curiously, “Has Mr. Exeor ever met my mother?”

“Yes.” Orion Exeor nodded slightly and said seriously: “Master Wade, in fact, I have been friends with your great-grandfather for many years. When we met, your grandfather was still in swaddling clothes. I was invited by your great-grandfather. Drink your mother’s full moon wine.”

charlie’s great-grandfather was his grandfather’s father and the founder of the An family.

However, charlie had never seen this great-grandfather, and charlie had not been born when he died.

Hearing Mr. Exeor’s remarks, charlie asked in surprise, “Mr. Exeor, are you and my great-grandfather friends?”

“Yes.” Orion Exeor smiled lightly and explained: “Your great-grandfather is about the same age as me. I met him in 1938, when I went to the United States on the same boat as him. Support, can be regarded as intersecting and irreversible.”

“So it is!” charlie said, stood up, and bowed to Orion Exeor.

Orion Exeor hurriedly got up, and said somewhat flattered: “Young Master Wade, you are Longge’s life, how can you salute to the next… It should be the one who salutes you!”

charlie said seriously: “You and my great-grandfather are inseparable friends, and naturally they are also my elders. As a junior, I should also salute you!”

Orion Exeor said very seriously: “Young Master Wade, what you believe in is the destiny of heaven. In terms of destiny, you are the king and I am a minister. Even if I am over a hundred years old, I will still be a minister when I see you.”

Seeing his firm attitude, charlie stopped arguing with him, and said hurriedly, “Mr. Exeor, then let’s omit this set of etiquette, and just treat it as a goodbye, what do you think?”

Orion Exeor was stunned for a moment, then nodded with a smile, and said, “Okay, since Young Master Wade said so, it’s up to you to obey.”

Then, the two sat down again.

charlie remembered something, and asked Orion Exeor, “Mr. Exeor, you helped me promote Huichundan in North America. I wonder if my grandfather asked you about it?”

“Your grandfather…” Orion Exeor couldn’t help laughing when he said this: “He doesn’t believe in fate. When he was young, he often talked about ‘my fate is up to me’, and he didn’t care about fate. I even had a lot of prejudice against me in the past, and always thought I was a liar, so there was little contact between us, especially after your great-grandfather passed away, and we didn’t have much interaction. I believe he is even interested in rejuvenation pills. , and won’t come to me to inquire.”

After that, he asked charlie curiously: “Master Wade, you must have all the registration lists in your hand. I wonder if any of the An family members can sign up?”

“No.” charlie shook his head and said, “There is no one named An in all the registration information.”

Orion Exeor nodded and smiled, and said, “Your grandfather is very arrogant, and there is a high probability that he will not join in this kind of fun. Unless you let him know the efficacy of Huichundan, he will not come over in person.”

After that, Orion Exeor looked at charlie and said with admiration, “But then, Young Master Wade, the rule you set that the winner of the auction must obey the Huichundan on the spot is really amazing, not only will it allow everyone to participate in the auction People who are here to witness the magical effect of Huichundan with their own eyes, and also make all the big people who want to get Huichundan must show up in person! I believe that when the next auction of Huichundan, many of the capital giants hidden in their places will be Take the initiative to show up!”

Having said that, Orion Exeor looked at charlie and said seriously: “Maybe next year’s auction, your grandfather will appear in the registration list!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4134 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4134 )


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