The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4135 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4135 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4135 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4135 )

In fact, charlie has been looking forward to seeing his grandfather at the auction of Huichundan.

However, he didn’t know why he had such thoughts.

Because he didn’t actually think about recognizing his grandfather’s family.

When talking about charlie’s grandfather, Orion Exeor seemed to be suddenly interested, and said with a smile: “To tell you the truth, Young Master Wade, I really look forward to your grandfather coming to participate in the Huichundan auction.”

charlie asked curiously, “Why did Mr. Exeor say this?”

Orion Exeor smiled and said: “Your grandfather has been in the United States for too long, and the westernization is very serious. He only believes in so-called science in everything and regards all traditions as dross.”

charlie nodded and said, “That’s understandable. I heard from my mother that my grandfather was definitely a top student back then, a top student who graduated from Stanford.”

Orion Exeor nodded and smiled: “Yes, he grew up with a pure Western education. He has a rebellious personality since he was a child. He will analyze everything with a dialectical perspective. If he denies in advance, he will slowly verify it. Therefore, his life, It is as if he is fighting against the whole world, although he is not interested in Chinese traditional culture, but he has to admit that he is indeed a very remarkable businessman.”

Speaking of this, Orion Exeor said playfully: “But…the older a person is, the less hostile and resentful he will be in his bones. Once he shakes hands with the world and makes peace with the world, the way he used to look at the world will change. Change, as if many physicists have spent their whole lives trying to prove that there is no god or creator in this world, and there are only eternal laws of physics.”

“However, when they were old and saw everything, they firmly believed that behind everything in the world, there must be a creator, but he may not appear in the form of a human or a god, because they The profound laws of physics and the laws of the universe are seen too thoroughly, and the more thoroughly one sees, the more ingenious the laws of all things in the universe are, and it cannot be just an accident.”

Orion Exeor said, looked at charlie, and said seriously: “If I remember correctly, your grandfather is over 80 this year, I believe he has begun to re-understand the world, maybe he will be like the other two hundred people. In the same way, I am fascinated by rejuvenation.”

charlie smiled slightly and said, “If he asks you about Huichundan someday, please don’t tell him about my situation.”

Orion Exeor hurriedly said, “That’s natural!”

After speaking, he couldn’t help but ask, “Master Wade, have you ever thought about meeting your grandfather?”

charlie shook his head: “There is no such plan for the time being.”

After speaking, charlie added: “Actually, I have very little interaction with my grandfather’s family, and in my impression, the relationship between my grandfather and my mother has always been a little tense, so in my memory, my grandfather rarely has a good face, In addition, I haven’t seen each other for so many years, and I don’t have much emotional foundation with them.”

Orion Exeor nodded in understanding, and sighed: “With your grandfather’s character, your mother must have made him very angry when she insisted on marrying your father, but he must be in his 80s this year. A lot of things should have new insights, maybe his biggest wish now is to see you once.”

charlie laughed at himself and said, “They may have long thought I was dead.”

“Impossible.” Orion Exeor said earnestly: “A person with a status like your grandfather has extremely high requirements for the authenticity of information. Even compared with the police, it is even worse. Think about it, If there is not enough evidence to prove that a person is really dead, the police will only define him as missing, and I believe your grandfather must be the same.”

charlie nodded expressionlessly and said, “Then let them continue to think that I am missing.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4135 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4135 )


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