The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4136 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4136 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4136 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4136 )

Orion Exeor hesitated for a moment before looking at charlie and said earnestly, “Master Wade, there is a word that I don’t know if I should say it or not.”

charlie hurriedly said, “Mr. Exeor, you don’t have to be so polite, it’s okay to say anything if you have something to say.”

Orion Exeor opened his mouth and said: “Although you have broken out of the predicament of the Dragon trapped in the shoal, it is not the end to get back the Longge that originally belonged to you! It is recorded in the Southern Dynasties “Shu Yi Ji” that Shuiyu ( huī) Five hundred years of Jiaohua, a thousand-year-old Jiaolong, and another five-hundred-year-old horned dragon, and a thousand-year-old Yinglong, that is to say, the dragon is not the real supreme destiny. On top of this, there is the horned dragon. And Yinglong these two.”

In charlie’s mind, the content of the “Jiu Xuan Tian Jing” instantly came to mind, and there were indeed records of , Jiao, dragon, as well as horned dragon and Yinglong.

Horned dragons and Yinglongs are actually higher levels of dragons.

Orion Exeor continued at this time: “Master Wade, I say this to tell you that you still have a long way to go in your future. If you want to stand on the top of the world, the last few steps are especially important. Settling down is the best choice for you in the last few steps to the top! So, you might as well meet your grandfather earlier, maybe it will open up a new situation.”

” charlie couldn’t help frowning, and then laughed at himself: “Forget it, if I want to climb to the top, I should be able to get there by myself.”

For charlie, he has never been the first, and will rely on the help of his grandfather’s family in the future.

In his opinion, accepting the Wade family, on the one hand, the Wade family really owes a lot to his family of three, and on the other hand, the Wade family is indeed where his father worked all his life, not to mention that his surname is wade, and he is a descendant of the Wade family. Whether he is affectionate, rational, kind or resentful, he has to take the power of the Wade family into his own hands.

However, on Grandpa’s side, charlie had no such thoughts.

After all, charlie felt that his grandfather owed nothing to his parents.

Moreover, their surname is An, and my surname is wade, so I say they are outsiders, so how can I take my grandfather’s family as a step to climb up.

What’s more, the An family, as one of the top three families in the world, must have a very complicated internal structure, and their own family may not be able to understand what they use An family for.

However, Orion Exeor said very seriously at the moment: “Young Master Wade, even the Monkey King, who has changed in seventy-two ways, must rely on the Sea Ding Shen needle to become the Great Sage Equalling Heaven. There are all kinds of weapons in the world, but the golden hoop stick Only that one!”

charlie said seriously: “Maybe I’m not a Monkey King at all, so this golden hoop may not be of any use to me.”

Orion Exeor shook his head and said, “Young Master Wade, many things are already predestined. The earlier you know the direction, the earlier you can achieve your goals.”

charlie smiled and said, “Mr. Exeor, although I also understand some I Ching gossip, I don’t believe that all this is destined. I want to achieve this goal, and I can still achieve it without Anjia.”

Having said that, charlie said again: “It’s like Sun Wukong, I believe that even if he doesn’t have the golden hoop, he can still become the Monkey King.”

Orion Exeor shook his head with a smile, and said lightly, “Young Master Wade, fate exists in all directions, in other words, Sun Wukong is not only destined to become the Monkey King, but he is also destined to pick up the golden hoop. Same thing.”

After speaking, Orion Exeor smiled inscrutable: “Master Wade, it was recorded in the original work of Journey to the West that the Dragon King told Sun Wukong that a few days before he went to the Dragon Palace, the golden hoop began to ‘Xiaguang Yanyan’. , Auspiciousness’, which means that it may not be Sun Wukong who chose the golden hoop stick, it is likely that the golden hoop stick chose Sun Wukong!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4136 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4136 )


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