The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4141 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4141 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4141 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4141 )

Fei Kexin also reported the good news to Jian who was still at Shangri-La through video chat.

Jian was so angry because of the strict rules and regulations of Shangri-La. After learning the news, he suddenly became enlightened and said excitedly: “That’s great! It seems that your hard work in Aurous Hill has not been in vain! That Master Wade must be the mastermind behind the entire auction!”

Fei Kexin nodded, looked at Jian in the video, smiled and comforted: “Grandpa, you will be wronged in the past two days, and once the auction is over, no matter what the result is, I will receive you immediately. Come to the hotel where I live, and I have prepared the room for you.”

“Okay!” Jian said with relief: “It’s still Kexin that you are the most careful and safest in your work!”

Fei Kexin said again: “Grandpa, on the day of the auction, I will stay in the VIP box, and I won’t meet you at that time. If there is any situation, I will talk about it after the auction is over.”

“Okay!” Jian said with a smile: “I hope I can win!”

Fei Kexin said without hesitation, “Don’t worry, Grandpa, you will definitely do it!”

Jian, who was in Shangri-La, hung up the phone with a gratified smile on his face, and said to jay who was beside him: “Master jay, this girl Kexin is indeed a talent! So many people want to find Huichundan. The master behind the scenes, she is the only one who can succeed, which really impresses me.”

jay nodded, cupped his hands and said, “Ms. Kexin is talented and has extraordinary courage, and she will become a great weapon in the future!”

Jian nodded slightly, and then said with some emotion: “If Kexin is a man, it is definitely a great blessing for the Fei family. It’s a pity… it’s a pity!”

jay wanted to say something, but he hesitated for a moment and gave up. Although he also felt that Fei Kexin was the most potential junior of the Fei family, he felt that it was not suitable for him to speak in front of Jian.

After all, he knew that he was only Jian’s personal bodyguard, and all his responsibilities were to protect Jian’s safety, and it was not suitable for him to comment on the affairs of the Fei family.

Moreover, the interior of the Fei family seemed to be calm, but in reality, the undercurrent was already turbulent, and jay would not be returning to the division soon, so he didn’t want to go into this muddy water.

Jian saw jay hesitating to speak, and immediately understood jay’s attitude, and felt a little disappointment in his heart for a while.

He hoped that jay could become his confidant, but although jay was loyal to him, he never wanted to be too close to him, which made him feel a little lonely.

When I am old and have a lot of family, I don’t even have anyone around me who can talk to my heart. It’s hard to have a credible personality and a good temper. It’s even rarer that I have nothing to do with other people in the family, but the other party is not. Unwilling to interfere in it, even if he doesn’t even have the idea of ​​discussing it with himself, Jian will inevitably feel a little lonely.

But he didn’t blame jay either.

Because jay himself is such a person, and his sense of boundaries has always been very clear in his consciousness. Only such a person can always remain absolutely calm, and only such a person can avoid the supervisor from making mistakes to the greatest extent.

So, he sighed and said softly, “I want to live longer, on the one hand, I am afraid of death, and on the other hand, I hope to be with Kexin for a few more years. It would be best if I could help her on the horse. At least let her have more wings, because if I leave, she will definitely become the target of the Fei family, and if she is not kicked out of the Fei family, many people will have trouble sleeping and eating.”

jay said indifferently: “Old man doesn’t need to be so sentimental, if this trip to Aurous Hill can get what you want, your lifespan will last at least ten years.”

“Yes.” Jian nodded and said, “If you can give me another ten years, many things will be settled.”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4141 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4141 )


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