The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4147 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4147 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4147 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4147 )

Fei Kexin has long understood the procedures and requirements of the Huichundan auction.

However, in front of charlie, he still pretended to be surprised and listened to his introduction.

charlie deliberately pretended that she still believed that she was the Jan Feier from France just to play on the scene.

This is because charlie didn’t intend to expose Fei Kexin’s identity. He planned to continue acting like this with Fei Kexin first, and then wait for Fei Kexin to take the initiative to clarify everything to himself.

So, the two people, each with their own thoughts, came to the security entrance of the banquet hall.

charlie handed a VIP invitation letter to Fei Kexin, and said to her, “Miss Zhan, you can just go in with the invitation letter yourself, just give the invitation letter to the staff, and the staff will naturally send you directly. Take it to the box on the second floor.”

Fei Kexin asked in surprise, “Mr. Wade, won’t you go in together?”

charlie smiled and said, “I just have an invitation letter from a VIP, but my identity is not a VIP, but a consultant for this auction, so I will sit in the monitoring room later, so I won’t go to the scene.”

“So it is.” Fei Kexin nodded lightly, although charlie didn’t go in with her, she was a little disappointed, but she thought about it, since charlie is the boss behind this auction, then he naturally It’s impossible to go to the VIP room with yourself to watch it, you have to monitor everything in real time from somewhere where you can see the big picture.

So, she said to charlie, “Mr. Wade, if that’s the case, then I’ll go first, and I’ll contact you as soon as the auction ends.”

charlie nodded and said, “The security check at the auction is very strict, you have to hand over your mobile phone and all your belongings to the security guard, and before the auction starts, your personal belongings will be taken to other places for temporary storage. , but don’t worry, when the auction ends, the security guards will bring all personal belongings over.”

“Okay!” Fei Kexin really didn’t expect that the security here is so strict that it’s just a matter of not taking your belongings in, and it has to be transported to other places.

But she also knew that she had no choice, so she could only nod to accept it.

Afterwards, charlie said goodbye to Fei Kexin, asked her to go to the security check, and prepared to return to the monitoring room.

The location of the monitoring room is in the box behind the banquet hall.

After all, the venue of this auction was temporarily remodeled by the hotel’s catering department. In addition to the largest banquet hall, there are several high-end banquet boxes. Isaac Cameron chose the box that was more than ten meters away from the banquet hall. It’s close, but it won’t be disturbed due to the sound insulation.

As for these boxes, in addition to a monitoring room, there is also a temporary lounge for Jasmine.

Since Jasmine will be the auctioneer for tonight’s auction, she is waiting in this lounge.

When charlie passed by the door of her lounge, the door just opened, and Jasmine was about to come out, when she ran into charlie head-on, her bright eyes were suddenly full of surprise, and she blurted out, “Master Wade! “

charlie smiled and said, “Jasmine, how are you preparing?”

Jasmine shook the card full of manuscripts in her hand, and said with some trepidation, “The preparatory work was almost done very early, but I was a little nervous.”

As she said that, she smiled lightly and explained: “To be honest, I have never been an auctioneer before, and more importantly, the people who came to the auction this time are basically well-informed and wealthy. Rich, I’m worried that I’m not playing well enough to show them a joke.”

charlie smiled and comforted: “Actually, you don’t have to be nervous at all. The group of people who came here tonight can do it for the dignity of the rejuvenation pill, so no matter how good or bad you are, no one will dare to see you laughing. .”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4147 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4147 )


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