The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4152 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4152 )

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4152 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4152 )

“Finally, if you bid for Huichundan, we and our staff will give you a mobile phone, you can contact your finance directly, and let the finance complete the transfer as soon as possible. We are verifying that the money has been received. After that, the Huichundan will be handed over to you on the spot.”

“Of course, according to our regulations, after you get the rejuvenation pill, you must obey it in public, otherwise it will be regarded as a waiver.”

Having said that, Jasmine moore looked at the crowd and asked, “Do you have any questions? If so, please raise your hand to speak.”

In the crowd, many people raised their hands, Jasmine moore pointed at one of them and said, “Please ask No. 095.”

The person wearing the number 095 was an old white man in his seventies. When Jasmine moore pointed to him, he quickly stood up and asked, “What if we paid the money, but the Huichundan didn’t achieve the desired effect? Do? After all, we have only heard of the efficacy of Huichundan, but we have not seen it…”

Jasmine moore replied earnestly: “I can tell you responsibly that the effect of Huichundan absolutely surpasses your previous understanding and knowledge of any related drugs, no matter if you photographed a quarter of Huichundan or the finale. A whole rejuvenation pill of , after you take it on the spot, will have visible effects to the naked eye, which is one of the reasons why we ask the successful bidders to take the rejuvenation pill on the spot, so that others can witness it with their own eyes. The magical effect of the medicine, if he has no effect, how can we make such a decision?”

Speaking of this, Jasmine moore said again: “As for what you just said, what if the rejuvenating pill does not achieve the effect you expected, I think this is a very subjective issue in itself, even if the effect is good, some people may not feel satisfied. , just like everyone sitting here, the desire for wealth will never have an upper limit and will never be satisfied. Therefore, we can only guarantee that the vast majority of people will be convinced after witnessing it with their own eyes, but if the parties themselves If you do not approve or are dissatisfied, we do not accept any form of refund and after-sales, please understand.”

The old white man hesitated for a moment, then nodded slightly.

He also knows that this kind of thing is probably difficult to quantify with some kind of open standard, but since the organizers dare to let everyone take it on the spot, it proves that they must have full confidence in the efficacy of this medicine.

Otherwise, as long as the first rejuvenation pill is sold and everyone sees it with their own eyes, it has no effect, and the later rejuvenation pills will not be able to be sold.

So he said, “Thank you Ms. moore for your explanation, I can understand.”

Jasmine moore then said again: “Please ask No. 055.”

No. 055 was an old man with a Middle Eastern face. He stood up and asked, “Ms. moore, if someone bids for Huichundan, but the money fails to arrive, what will your organizer do?”

Jasmine moore said earnestly: “Because our auction tonight is interspersed with other collections of Huichundan, so after the successful auction of Huichundan, everyone has 20 minutes to transfer money, if within 20 minutes If the payment has not arrived, we will automatically cancel his share of Huichundan, and release this part of Huichundan for another auction, and if the payment fails, we will lose the qualification to continue bidding for Huichundan tonight!”

The man nodded and said, “I see, thank you Ms. moore for your answer!”

Jasmine moore smiled slightly as a response, and after answering a few more questions, it was 19:59.

Afterwards, Jasmine moore did not continue to call, but watched the time count down to the last ten seconds, so she smiled and said, “I announce that the first Huichundan auction will officially start now! And we The first lot prepared for everyone tonight is the first quarter of a rejuvenation pill!”

The Amazing Son In Law Chapter 4152 ( The Charismatic Charlie Wade Chapter 4152 )


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